types of crown molding

Choosing Best Types of Crown Molding for Ceiling and House Decorations

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Crown Molding is the decorations which is often applied for ceiling part. There are many types of crown molding based on the size, curvy and ornaments. Crown molding is might looks small part attached on the ceiling area by looking from under ceiling. However, there are many types of it which provide best ornamental design and different pattern, which can be clearly seen from under the roof. This crown molder can give decorative looks of the house, and make it more beautiful. You can choose any kind of the types based on its height, wide, and ornament, to fit perfectly with the concept of your house.

types of crown molding

Many types of crown molding are not only applied for ceiling part, but can also be attached on the wall for using as decorations. It can be used for attached frame on the wall, the placing the drawing in the middle of the frame, or leave it blank just to blend with the wall paint color. It can also use to apply on any corner of the house for showing more details to it with its curvy and ornamental pattern. It will beautify your house and make it more elegant, and can blend well with any concept of the house from the simple until elegant concept.

Some of the types of crown molding have named based on the types and size. Those are like CR 10, CR 11 and CR 14 with the size of 2 ¾ Crown but slight different in its curving line and pattern. The other pattern can be concave and convex, different on each type. You can search any types of it at home depot and building materials stores, and they will show you the sample of each type. Some of house owner are using more than single type for the ceiling of the house, and also to give more details. Like for the living and main room, the crown molding used is the bigger size with full ornament patter, to show off the elegance of the main room.

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