type of lighting fixtures

Choosing Best Type of Lighting Fixtures According to the Kitchen Concept

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Many choice and options are provided for home lighting types. Each design and style can be used for any different concept of the houses. From modern architectural design until decorative design, and there are many still type of lighting fixtures. First is the most known and used for modern classic house, namely chandeliers. This lighting type are commonly installed on the living room or family room ceiling to give decoration touch rather than leaving the ceiling empty. It is suitable for house with high ceiling. Chandelier can still be installed on the low ceiling house, but the size of it should be considered to.

type of lighting fixtures

The next type of lighting fixtures is ceiling lighting. This type of lighting often used for apartment and houses with modern concept, since it has simple design and is attached to the ceiling. Some of the lighting are designed to blend with ceiling, then it make the ceiling illuminate the whole room. For the house with high ceiling, this lighting might not suitable as it won’t illuminate large area well, and the simple design will make the room looks empty.

Other type of lighting fixtures which often used for room decorations are wall sconces and desk lamps. These types come in many designs and styles, which has double function both for illumination and decoration. Wall sconces are often applied for small houses, as it doesn’t consume larger space as it is attached on the wall. While the desk lamp often used for certain purpose like for office table, study room, and bedside lamp. Even though for the certain purpose, but many of it had different style and design which can give extra decorative function to the room. In addition, there are also typically kitchen lighting such as under-cabinet lighting, pendants lighting, and track lighting, which are designed to decorate the kitchen area.

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