kitchen, Choose The Best Material for Your Outdoor Kitchen Cabinet
Outdoor Kitchen Cabinet

Choose The Best Material for Your Outdoor Kitchen Cabinet


Besides a charcoal grill and a nearby surface to park foods, you can also install cabinets for your outdoor kitchen for additional function and style. Just like indoor kitchen cabinetry, outdoor one comes in a wide variety of styles. You shouldn’t be swayed by the style or price because the most important element you should take into account is the material. Think about the climate and space first for your outdoor kitchen cabinet and then move on to style after.

Stainless Steel

kitchen, Choose The Best Material for Your Outdoor Kitchen Cabinet
Outdoor Kitchen Cabinet

There are several materials for outdoor kitchen cabinet such as reclaimed wood, stainless steel, teak, stamped tin, waterproof polymer, etc. The last one is good if you want extra protections against humidity, cold and heat but the most used material is actually stainless steel. Not only will this particular material give your kitchen an instant professional and classic look but also cleaning it is a breeze and extremely durable. This one won’t rust. Choose one that also offer weather-tight rain drawer gutters, back panels for grills and sink bases. Moreover, stainless steel cabinet can easily match your grill and appliances. If you are going for a contemporary look then stainless steel cabinetry should be your choice.

Polymer Board

kitchen, Choose The Best Material for Your Outdoor Kitchen Cabinet
Polymer Board Kitchen Cabinet

This material is also known as High Density Polyethylene or HDPE. This is also a great material to consider if you are worried about exposure. This material was initially invented for marine purposes and that’s why it’s snow, saltwater, rain and sun resistant. There are cabinetry companies that construct outdoor cabinetry from this material that’s FDA approved for food contact as well as weather and UV resistant. An example of this is Atlantis Outdoor Kitchens. Just like the previous material, this one will not rot, contract and rust too. Marine grade polymer also comes with UV inhibitors that can fight against degradation when facing direct sunlight. It has limited range of colors but cleaning it is a breeze. Pay attention to the exterior trim too because tiny details like crown moldings can give polymer cabinet a striking statement.


kitchen, Choose The Best Material for Your Outdoor Kitchen Cabinet
Outdoor Wood Kitchen Cabinet

Most outdoor kitchen cabinets made from wood material look like a high-end deal. If your outdoor kitchen happens to be properly protected under a weatherproof pergola then wood cabinetry is a must. Remember that you should pay extra attention when selecting wood for outdoor use because it has to have the ability to stand up to weather, UV exposure and temperatures. Teak is the best you can go with this. Choose one with oil or a water seal finishing so you get the best and longest life span and the color as well as its beauty will be preserved too.  Wood grain is visible and outdoor cabinetry made from wood will give a warm look.

Pick the material out of those three for your outdoor kitchen cabinet that you think will best fit your style, budget and quality. Other important aspects you should consider are the legs and hardware. Adjustable legs let the vertical position the cabinetry to adjust and prevent instability. Moreover, opting for high-quality hinges and slides is a must in order to keep cabinet doors and drawers functional all the time. Stainless steel hardware may be a good idea for it prevents corrosion.

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