checkered pattern backsplash
checkered pattern backsplash

Checkered Pattern Ideas for The Kitchen You Need To Try This

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There are tons of ways to decor the kitchen, and one of them is by implementing checkered pattern for the area. Checkered pattern is definitely unique and it is becoming quite common in the kitchen interior decor. However, most homeowners think that the checkered pattern is only applicable to the floor while the real implementation can take place in almost every area or section of the room. So, where can you apply such a unique pattern?

The Backsplash

checkered pattern backsplash
checkered pattern backsplash

Want to add a little decorative element to the cabinet? Why not having the checkered backsplash? It doesn’t always take an extravagant effort to transform the kitchen – not if you can play it smart. With a little effort, you can refresh the look and add something new to the decor.  The backsplash will make the cabinet look lively and different. With the combination of fresh color and unique checkered pattern, you can improve the look in the simplest manner. Make sure that the color is either matching or completely contrastive. For instance, if you have a white cabinet, having a white and green checkered backsplash will make it super fresh. If you have a yellow cabinet, having a white and blue checkered backsplash will create a stunning effect. Try it and you can see how improved your kitchen will be. Want to try something different? Install the checkered tiles diagonally – it will make it more interesting and unique.

The Ceiling

checkered pattern for kitchen ceiling
checkered pattern for kitchen ceiling

Do you need a bigger canvas for the attractive checkered design? Why not using the ceiling? Just like the floor, the ceiling can provide a wide and spacious area for the pattern. Let’s say that you have a green kitchen theme with green cabinet, dark wooden floor, and dark wooden kitchen island. Have the white and green checkered ceiling and you will see how stunning your kitchen will be. It won’t be too much but you can see the dramatic effect.

Any Surface

Do you know that you can actually make checkered pattern on any surface that you want? For instance, if you want to have a unique wooden kitchen island, why not having the checkered design for the surface by combining two different kinds of woods (of course, they need to come in different colors or shades). This may seem subtle but the effect is awesome and stunning in its own simplicity. Or if you are willing to spend extra money for the marble countertops, why not custom the surface? Yes, a checkered marble countertop would be stunning, for sure.

The Accessories

Do you have any other additional accesories in the kitchen? What about the kitchen island lighting? Or what about the tablecloth or any wall accesories? You can choose them with the checkered design. Checkered lights would be super awesome while checkered wall decor will add a homey flair and atmosphere to the room. It is up to you to choose the accesories with similar hues or completely different shades.

So, you don’t need to always focus on the floor for the checkered design. Make sure that you think and plan smart before applying the checkered pattern on any area in the kitchen.


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