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Butcher Block Kitchen Island Brands and Designs

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Butcher block kitchen island is a single table which had the shape similar to block, used for preparing the typically meat. The table size from 1 meter long to 40 cm wide, or some table had square shape. This type of table is often used as the additional preparation table in the kitchen. Separated meat table is needed as meat is typically had fishy and greasy smell. Preparing meat in the same place as vegetable will cause stink and bad odor to the whole kitchen area, and might affect to the taste of the meal too. Therefore, a small table is placed for chopping and preparing any kinds of meat and even fish.

butcher block kitchen island

There are many butcher block kitchen island brands and designs available in the home depot or online stores. First is Lewistown brand, which designed as single table with drawer and two doors cabinet beneath the table. All materials used for this brand are made of wood with different color. The table surface use the natural wooden pattern, while the cabinet and drawer had dark black color. The next brand is Ultimate Kitchen Island, which has very simple designed and two wheel attached in beneath to make it easily to move from one kitchen corner to other. Different than the previous brand, it just simple table with 70cm x 40cm size of table surface, with two open racks in beneath.

The next butcher block kitchen island brand isStillman Kitchen Island Cart. The size is similar to Ultimate Kitchen Island, but slightly wider. It has four wheel attached under the table feet, to make it easily to move around kitchen area. There are three hanging holder attached in the right side of the table for hanging the kitchen mop. It is designed with mainly black with single cabinet beneath the table. There is some spaces in between the small cabinet and under-table-drawer, which can be used for storing some kitchen tools too. Those are some of the brands for kitchen island and butcher block. There are still many brands which you can find it on home depot or online shops.

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