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Blue Kitchen Design Ideas for a Calm, Quiet and Relaxing Effect

Minimalist Kitchen

Blue Kitchen Design Ideas for a Calm, Quiet and Relaxing Effect

Blue Kitchen Design Ideas for a Calm

If you are wondering which hue can refresh a dull kitchen in a heartbeat, the answer is blue. From classic cobalt to calming turquoise, blue has every shade that meets every mood, style and even paint preference. If you want blue kitchen walls, blue kitchen accents or just a touch of this hue, peep our blue kitchen design ideas to help your started.

Which Shades?

Blue Kitchen Design Ideas for a Calm

Blue Kitchen Design Ideas for a Calm

Blue goes best with gray and white accents. The first blue kitchen design ideas to recommend is to use sky blue inside the cabinets. This works best in a predominantly white kitchen and if you only want to add just a touch of blue. An ethereal space is what you will get out of this combination. However, powder blues are perfect for achieving country feeling. Opt for pastel blue for the cabinets or island. And if you only want just a touch of this color then choose the lightest shades for the walls and opt for a darker shade on an accent like an island. Marble countertops and white cabinets balance well with aqua blue. The effect is energizing and uplifting. You can implement this shade on the walls, ceilings or cabinets. However, if you are in the mood for neutral ambiance then consider grayish blue shades. Grayish blue work with white, gray and black accents.

For a more sophisticated look, consider deeper shades like cobalt. Dark navy will instantly make the whole place cozy and relaxing. These shades will look great on the walls and cabinets as well as long as you pair them with gray and white accents on walls, islands or cabinets so they don’t look too imposing.

Starting Out the Right Way

Blue Kitchen Design with patterned tiles backsplash

Blue Kitchen Design with patterned tiles backsplash

With so many shades to choose from, it’s normal to feel overwhelmed. However, you need to look what you already have in the kitchen or what you plan to put in it before deciding on what shade of blue you’ll go for. Light blue always creates a fresh look anywhere anytime. It has a strong calming vibe to it. If you start it from the scratch and not just remodeling, consider this hue for the flooring. A little tip, make the other accents fairly neutral if you decide for this color for the floor so that the blue will shine. Pairing a pale shade of blue for the cabinets, white ceilings and walls and a plain wooden floor is a cheery option for a homey kitchen. On the other hand, if you want a more sophisticated look for your kitchen then navy cabinets complemented with wood and white finishes make a gorgeous combination. To complete the fully classy and industrial look, perfect it with lighting fixtures and hardware with accents of gold or gray.

Other super-simple ways to add a touch of blue is by using it on the backsplash with patterned tiles, mosaic tiles or even modern painted subway tile. Consider chair cushions or bar stools too for a safe dose of this color.

Whatever shades you decides to go for, these blue kitchen design ideas will obviously help you achieve a delightful cooking space.





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