Natural Stone countertops
Natural Stone countertops

Best Kitchen Countertop Materials to Use: The Various Types

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Have you ever wondered what are the best kitchen countertop materials to use? Don’t be easily affected by the names or brands. You should be able to look past them  so you can gain the best benefits for your kitchen. After all, the countertops come in various different materials. Deciding which one is suitable for your needs – as well as the design of your kitchen – will be handy for you.

The Different Types

Natural Stone countertops
Natural Stone countertops

You probably don’t realize this but there are some different materials that are generally used for the kitchen countertops. In the old days, the countertops might be in the form of fading and laminated area (quite a small one) located next to the sink. Today, the countertops come in various patterns, colors, materials, and textures. So, which one would be the best kitchen countertop materials to use?

  • Natural Stone, which includes soapstone, slate, and granite. Granite was once considered the expensive material but it has become a common material for the countertops. If you use special stone cleaner products, the countertop can last for 15 years and resistant to stain. You should prepare around $75 to around $250 for a square feet. When compared to slate and soapstone, granite has a wide array of colors. Both slate and soapstone cost more expensive than the granite although the color variation isn’t much.
  • Solid surface, such as Avonite or Corian are made from either 100% polyester or 100% acrylic. It is also possible to have the combination of both. They are resistant to scratch and stains, and they are also reparable and renewable. Although most people consider the solid surface as the cheap imitation of the natural stone, it isn’t correct. The traditional solid surface is only a bit different from engineered stone where the latter one is deeper, harder, and has better radiance and clarity.

Other Materials

Plastic laminate countertops
Plastic laminate countertops

There are also other possible materials for the countertops, such as:

  • Plastic laminate. It is durable and long lasting, able to survive many years of use.
  • Ceramic tile. When you use this type of material, make sure that the tile is meant for countertops. Don’t use wall tiles for the countertops as they are thin and they will definitely crack.
  • This was once a popular option but it is no longer the likable option. But when you are able to apply the right seal or protector, it will be a safe platform for preparing the food.

Of course, choosing the best kitchen countertop materials to use depends on your needs and preference so be sure to choose carefully.


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