Plants For Above Kitchen Cabinets
Plants For Above Kitchen Cabinets

3 Best Ideas To Place Plants For Above Kitchen Cabinets

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Have you ever had an idea of placing Plants For Above Kitchen Cabinets? You can’t avoid one thing to pay attention on some random areas in your home that is necessary to décor. Kitchen is one of the home areas possessing some unused zone which is potentially to make use of. It is the above kitchen cabinets.

Many people probably think juts to let the space empty or unused since they have no idea what to do with the space above the kitchen cabinets. Herein, this article is coming to help you find the idea what if you put plants for above kitchen cabinets. Is it possible? Will it be working?

Find out the answer in the following review.

Measure The Space Available

Plants For Above Kitchen Cabinets
Plants For Above Kitchen Cabinets

The first thing to do dealing with this idea is to measure the space available above the kitchen cabinets. Since plants size deals with the height and width, you must make sure the space is enough for them to grow. The height will deal with how tall the plants will grow and the width will deal with the space that the pots need to settle. The width will also deal with how the plants spread their leaves. If you complete this measurement, you will find out whether it is possible to locate Plants For Above Kitchen Cabinets.

Determine The Suitable Plants

After measuring the space available, then you could determine what kind of plants that is suitable for the space just above the kitchen cabinets. In this case, you can choose the plants either real or unreal. For the real plants, you might be able to choose aquatic plants since it needs only a little space. One little pot for an aquatic plant can be very nice to look at.

Determine type of plant
Determine type of plant

If you have more space above the kitchen cabinet, you could choose some functional plants for your cooking needs. For example, you can plant mushroom, lettuce, onion, and broccoli in the pots and locate them in line. You will find that Plants For Above Kitchen Cabinets are much beneficial although you must take a big effort to take care of them.

Meanwhile, if you don’t want to waste your energy to take care of the real plants, you could still make your kitchen fresh to look at by placing the unreal plants. In this case, the plastic plants will be more efficient to settle. Since the plastic plants have permanent shape, in other words, they cannot grow like the real ones, you can choose the leafy plants so that your kitchen looks greener and fresher.

Being Responsible To Take Care Of The Plants

Since the plants are settled above the kitchen cabinets, it might be little harder to take care of them. If you have made a decision to décor your desired space with the plants either real or unreal, you must be responsible to take care of the plants so that your kitchen stays neat and clean.


Overall, Plants For Above Kitchen Cabinets idea is not too bad to apply. It is always possible to settle plants in the space especially above the kitchen cabinets as long as you know the right way.

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