Small Kitchen Design with Minibar
Small Kitchen Design with Minibar

Best Ideas for Small Kitchen Design with Minibar


Planning a small kitchen design with minibar isn’t easy but it is a worthy effort because you will end up with a completely functional and stylish kitchen. There are actually several options of how you manage and arrange your small kitchen – not to mention that you should also include the minibar as a get together spot for friends or guests. Of course, there are simple guidance that you can do to improve the look.

The Complete Kitchen and Minibar

Just because you have a small kitchen, it doesn’t mean that you can’t include your favorite element into the design. Even with the limited space, you can still arrange small kitchen design with minibar, as long as you know what to do. In the most common cases, the homeowners would turn their kitchen island into a minibar. With the solid construction of the island, and the hidden slots and compartments on the platform, this kind of design is quite ideal.

It serves as a multifunctional platform where you can use it for cooking during the day and entertain your friends at night. To achieve the multifunctional platform, some homeowners even use the multifunctional kitchen islands with collapsible wing or removable platform. If you want to, you can make a custom work for this, which means that you will have to spend extra, but then again, it is definitely worth your time and also money.

Small Kitchen Design with Minibar
Small Kitchen Design with Minibar

In another case, the homeowners would smartly use the minibar as the room partition, especially if the kitchen is adjoining to other areas, such as living room or dining room. Some homeowners use the centralized small kitchen design with minibar where the minibar is located right in the middle. Not only this kind of room barrier is pretty handy as a partition, it has its own appeal in the room décor. Some, however, place the minibar close to the wall or around the corner. No matter the placement is, you can be sure that the minibar serves its functionality to the highest level.

The Separate Items

Sometimes, your kitchen isn’t just enough to accommodate the minibar, so you just have to be creative. In most cases, homeowners may make use of extra space under the stairs or unusable nook. You’d be surprised to know that such a limited area can serve well as a minibar although it should be separated from the main kitchen. Commonly, the minibar will be placed along the same wall to expand the efficiency.

Minibar under stairs
Minibar under stairs

In this kind of small kitchen design with minibar, the minibar usually comes in the form of cabinet and also countertop. There is enough space on the upper area as well as the lower area, usually in the form of cabinets or display drawers. Fixing up the drinks can take place on the counter where you can also place the glasses or the bottles. Adding stools will serve your purpose right.

No matter what kind of designs you choose, make sure that it goes along well with the room design and the layout. You should always manage a stylish small kitchen design with minibar if you do it right.



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