Solid hardwood flooring
Solid hardwood flooring

Best Hardwood Flooring Kitchen Ideas – Types and Considerations


What do you think about the best hardwood flooring kitchen ideas? Using hardwood flooring for the kitchen can be a good idea since it brings the kitchen into the classic, durable, and also infinity vibe. It can transform your house, especially kitchen, to be the timeless kitchen ever. Most kitchens or those classic cafes usually pick this hardwood flooring because it welcomes the guests warmly. Besides, it has its ability to protect itself from the stains and also spills. If you treat this hardwood floor in the right way, it would last lifetime. In contrast when you treat this terribly, it can be easily damaged. In elongating the lifespan of the hardwood flooring, you can do refinishing, staining, and also painting it for outstanding outcome.

 Types of Hardwood Flooring

The best hardwood flooring kitchen ideas can be divided into two. They are the solid hardwood and also the engineered hardwood. Which one that suits for the kitchen? Well, both of them can be used in the kitchen and the kitchen will look different.

  1. Solid hardwood
Solid hardwood flooring
Solid hardwood flooring

Solid hardwood is grinded from some pieces of wood named purists. This solid hardwood can be easily refinished and also sanded over and over again. In fact, you need to avoid installing this solid hardwood in damp space. It is because this kind of hardwood flooring can’t stand being in the place that is very humid. When your kitchen is prone to the water spills, you should never use solid hardwood.

This solid hardwood comes in two ways on installation. When you prefer to have the one with the easier installation, then you should go for the prefinished one. Meanwhile, when you want to have the on-site finishing you can choose the unfinished and it can give you a wide range of options about the stain. The installation of this solid hardwood can be done by stapling, nailing, or gluing it.

  1. Engineered hardwood
Engineered hardwood
Engineered hardwood

Another best hardwood flooring kitchen ideas is engineered hardwood. It is made up of the plies hardwood which is bonded together in the construction of the cross-grain. Compared to solid hardwood, this type can handle the humidity very well. It is more stable and you can install it over the concrete subfloor too. The installation can be done in more ways rather than the solid hardwood too.

Consideration in Picking the Hardwood Floors

In order to pick the hardwood floors that may suit you, you need to know some considerations below. These considerations include the hardness of species of the wood, the width, the texture, and also the colors. This species of wood has their own hardness, graining, stability, and also colors. For the width, there are wide planks and also strips which can go for the contemporary spaces. There are some textures of the best hardwood flooring kitchen you can find such as the notches, wormholes, and also adze marks. How about you? Which one out of these two that suitable to be called as the best hardwood flooring kitchen ideas?


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