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Art Deco Color Palette Combinations for Wall Painting

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Home renovation and decoration is the most thing which will consume a lot of tough and energy for it. The first and main thing to determine is in choosing the best color the wall painting. Some of house owner tend to paint the house with many similar colors gradation. If you are confuse in choosing what type of color to blend, then looking at art deco color palette is the best solution. This palette will help you to choose any variant of wall painting colors, as it have many different names for each schemes. Then you can choose single color painting for the main room, and then seek for other color which will blend to it for other rooms.

art deco color palette

In art deco color palette, there are many variant of colors. This palette are mainly consist of soft red and pink, purple, gray, green, and brown. Each color from the palette have different layering number and type. The classification are from A type until O type color, with different composition of basic color of cyan, magenta, and yellow.

Aside from art deco color palette, there are still many palette combinations which often used for wall painting. Those such as beach palette, pioneer palette, gorgeous palette, blue tone palette, purple palette, and so on. On each palette, there are different color gradation and layers. Those are based on the liquidity of each color which create different gradation from one to each. By looking at those palette, you can apply the best color concept for you house. In example, painting your house with mainly gray will create the modern vibes. Then, you can apply different gray for each room, begin from the main living room with soft and light gray, then for the hallway using slight dark-soft-gray, and so on with the rest of the room.

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