IKEA Cabinets
IKEA Cabinets

Advantages And Disadvantages of Kitchen Cabinet IKEA

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Kitchen cabinet IKEA is one of the most popular choice when it comes to completing the look in their kitchen. Every home owner wants a comfortable environment, durable and convenient, as well as stylish area where they will enjoy preparing food or simply passing the time. That is why remodeling a kitchen to your liking is never an easy thing to do. They have to be smart in combining kitchen furniture. Cabinet is one of the essential part of a kitchen. Most home owners will think extra carefully before purchasing a cabinet to remodel their kitchen. They will consider about every little thing, from size, color, design, brand, and even price. The kitchen cabinet IKEA offers you many advantages, but they also have their own downsides.

The Advantages of IKEA Cabinets

IKEA Cabinets
IKEA Cabinets
  • Budget Friendly

The kitchen cabinet IKEA is relatively cheap compare to other company. Many people doesn’t want to pay for extra cash to renovate their kitchen. Therefore, IKEA offers you a non-expensive kitchen cabinet to decorate your kitchen with the best options.

  • Good quality

Not only cheap, IKEA also gives you a good quality kitchen cabinet. The durability has proven many people wrong since they think that particle board won’t last. It turns out to have amazing quality.

  • Personal Planner

IKEA will send their personal planner to map out your kitchen layout in order to measure your kitchen to match it with the right cabinets. They will also offer some tips that you may need.

  • Customizable

IKEA kitchen cabinet offers you many options. You can customize your own kitchen cabinet by choosing your drawers, doors, colors, and even designs.

  • Soft Close

Another amazing trait that IKEA cabinet has is that it has an attachment, which you can add to the cabinet’s door/drawer, to soften the impact when you close the door. Once the attachment has been installed, you can’t slam the cabinet with a loud ‘bang’, instead the cabinet door will slows down and quietly close.

The Disadvantages of IKEA cabinets

  • Assemble it Yourself

Even though putting the cabinet together by yourself is fun, doing it will take lots of times and energy. This will also test your patient since assembling the cabinet yourself is very complicated and frustrating. If you are someone that can easily get frustrate, it will be better if you call a professional for help in this part.

  • Under-sink Pull-out

The parts for under the sink are limited in option. The decorative parts on top are hard to clean. Moreover, they can’t be compatible with any water filters.

  • Upper Cabinets Position

For some people, the upper cabinets that being installed above our head can be frustrating and too high to reach. This will make the homeowner uncomfortable as they have to find a chair to reach and open it.

  • Extra Tools

If you choose to assemble the cabinets yourself, you will need extra tools that IKEA won’t provide. Before your IKEA parts arrive, it is better to prepare your saw, caulk gun, screwdriver, long screws, and more before assembling the kitchen cabinet IKEA.


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