90s Inspired Kitchen Design Ideas to Get You to Travel Back to Your Childhood.


Reviving 90s vibe in your kitchen is a good alternative than going for the contemporary and full-on industrial look especially if you are a sucker for vintage look. 90s is mostly known as the era of minimalism where white as well as beige dominated the early decade. It’s the era of hip-hop, grunge and sports. If you want to add some elements of 1990 in your kitchen then read out 90s kitchen design ideas below.

country kitchen brown wooden floor classic chair green grass flower vase cabinet ceiling light


An accurate and perfect mix of colors can certainly bring instant feeling of 1990s if you do it right. Pastels were so in in the 1990s and if you pair them with rich jewel tones or bright neons, you will create undeniably 90s hues that can make you feel like you’ve stepped back in time. However, you can stick to all white wood cabinetry along with glass knobs that you can collect at flea markets if pastels are not in your area of interest. This 90s kitchen design idea screams old-world charm and simplicity. Note that, the color schemes during this era were browns, whites, cream and stone. FYI, all-white rooms dominated for a few years in the decade right after people lost interest in bold primary colors. Get practical materials such as white subway tile or white marble countertops to complete this look.

Geometric and Brass Accent

This trend was actually more predominant in the 80s but it was brought to the 90s as well. You can opt for geometric-print wallpaper for your kitchen wall. However, if you don’t want to make it as your focal point then other alternatives would be smaller objects with this print such as tablecloth, towel or backsplash. Shiny brass fixtures were also a hit in 1990 and that is what paved the way for the warm metal accents that exist today. Opt for weathered antique brass for fixtures such as dinette sets or cabinetry, or lights (in this case chandeliers are highly recommended) to add flair and maybe add contrast too if you have decided to go with bold colors for the majority of your kitchen.

Main 90s Features

kitchen frosted pendant lights
kitchen frosted pendant lights

In order to fully achieve 90s inspired kitchen look, you should know all the features from 90s. There was a trend toward granite bench-tops, frosted pendant lights, ceramic tiles, laminate cabinetry and blonde timber like pine. You can create a simplistic and minimal design that has a serious 90s vibe if you implement some of these features. The best part? You will also achieve sleek and serene atmosphere with them. One alternative is to team up black granite countertops with black-and-white tile floors for a serious cook’s kitchen with high polish. If chandeliers simply do not interest you then go for track lightings instead. They are today’s industrial trend but historically speaking, this type of lighting gained popularity in the early 90s.

One 90s kitchen design idea that really stands out is that most kitchens in that era were overlooking the living as well as dining spaces. The 90s can basically described in one word and that word is ‘individuality’.

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