8 Unique Way Of How To Use A French Press Coffee Maker

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Are you wondering of how to use a French press coffee maker? Never feel worry or doubt about it. By reading on this page, you will see the actual procedure of using the French press coffee to result the best taste of coffee ever.

The best result of coffee taste made by the French press is because the oils along with the flavor from the grounds are coming together. Unlike the drip which filters the coffee brew, this way you will have such “true” flavor of your favorite coffee beans.

French Press Coffee Maker
French Press Coffee Maker

Dealing with the process of how to use a French press coffee maker, first you have to find out what you will need to carry out the process.

You Need :

Make sure you have prepared the necessary items or equipment to carry out the using of this selected coffee maker, which include:

  • A French press
  • Cup for measuring
  • Tablespoon for measuring
  • Coffee grounds
  • Amount of water
  • Optional water thermometer
  • Optional stove top kettle
  • Spoon for stirring
  • Self-confidence to do this

After all the things mentioned above are well-prepared, now you are ready to do:

Step 1

The first step of how to use a French press coffee maker is to measure your grounds of coffee out which depends on the French press of your own and the amount of coffee that you want.

Step 2

Measure the water as well as check the temperature. You may heat the water using the recommended a stove top kettle. It is suggested that you determine the temperature at about 200 using thermometer.

Step 3

Put the grounds of coffee into the French press. See that your coffee grounds are ready to brew in the device. You must be ready to add or pour the water.

Step 4

Add the hot water into the coffee grounds. Pour a little water, stir and wait. Pour the remaining hot water and stir again, wait again. This forth step is the most enjoyable process of how to use a French press coffee maker, I think.

Step 5

Locate the lid on the French press and wait for a few seconds. You may adjust your steep time based on your preference, nevertheless, the standard steep time of French press is 3-4 minutes.

Step 6

Press the plunger down and slowly. In this step, you need to repeat the steps more than once to get the best result.

Step 7

Decant the coffee. It is recommended although it is only an optional step. As it is believed, the longer you store the coffee in the container, the better taste you will get.

Step 8

As the final step of how to use a French press coffee maker is to serve and enjoy the coffee. Amazing! Finally you can use your coffee maker with the best taste ever.


Conclusively, you must keep in mind that using French press coffee maker is a kind of art. Dealing with how long you make the coffee and the unique way of how to use a French press coffee maker, you will experience a different taste of the best coffee ever.


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