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8 Simple Kitchen Design Tips and Techniques


The kitchen is one of the most important rooms in a home. It’s where you cook, eat and spend time with your family. The kitchen can be an inviting space that sets the tone for your entire day, or it can be a depressing room filled with old appliances and outdated furniture. With these 8 simple kitchen design tips and techniques, you will have everything you need to make your kitchen into a place that reflects who you are as a person!

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Tip #01: Start with a kitchen design plan.

It’s important to sketch out what you want your kitchen space to look like before you start buying anything or making any big decisions so that there are no surprises! You can spend hours in showrooms and online looking at kitchen designs, but the most effective way is by creating one for yourself on paper first.

  • This method also allows you to be more creative because it won’t cost you money until after the whole kitchen has been designed.
  • Drawing an image of your perfect kitchen will help guide all of your decision when shopping for appliances, cabinets and rug styles, etc.

Tip #02: Design the kitchen around its function.

A kitchen is as much a place where food is prepared as it is a room in which families come together to share their experiences throughout the day with one another. This means that while efficiency should be kept in mind, design elements such as material quality and durability must also factor into the equation!

  • If you have small children who love playing in boxes then maybe stainless steel counters might not be best because they’re harder to clean.
  • So think about the kitchen’s main function when you’re designing it!

Tip #03: Make sure your kitchen allows for both traditional and modern styles of cooking.

With so many different types of people living in homes these days, there are bound to be those that love more old-fashioned methods like roasting or baking while others will prefer newer inventions such as microwaves, convection ovens, and induction hobs. It might not seem important at first glance but having kitchen design elements that can accommodate all cooking styles will make your kitchen more functional for a variety of people.

  • Plus, it might mean that you can save money because not everyone in the family has to buy appliances!
  • Designing with some traditional cooking methods and others that are newer is also great for showing off different types of kitchen design techniques such as color schemes or space planning strategies.

Tip #04: Don’t forget to include an eating area.

It might sound obvious but it’s amazing how many times people overlook the importance of this kitchen element!

  • It could be because they don’t want one big room taking up too much space, or perhaps they just never thought about what their needs were before making any decisions.
  • But if you’re going to have guests over then having somewhere set aside where everyone can eat comfortably that’s in the kitchen will be a great addition to your new kitchen design.

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Tip #05: Create plenty of storage for dishes and other kitchen items.

It can get really frustrating when you’re trying to find a place for everything in your kitchen! Whether you love cooking, entertaining guests, or hosting family events on holidays – if there isn’t enough cabinet and drawer space then anything can quickly become cluttered. This is why kitchen design elements like pantries and pull-out drawers are so important.

Tip #06: Be cautious of kitchen height preferences.

The next simple kitchen design tips and techniques. Is When you’re designing your kitchen, be sure to make a note about how tall or short it is – because some people will prefer more space between the countertop and ceiling while others won’t mind as much.

  • If you happen to fall into that first category then taller kitchen cabinets might work better than shorter ones for this reason; they’ll allow more headroom which gives an illusion of extra space in the room!
  • This means that if someone falls under the latter of these two categories then having lower cabinets would suit their needs best because they don’t have issues with not being able to reach kitchen items.

Tip #07: Don’t forget about kitchen lighting!

Kitchen design elements like ceiling or under-cabinet lighting are a great way to make sure that you have enough light for everything from cooking to socializing with your family and friends in the kitchen. It can also make the kitchen look a lot more inviting so this is something to consider if you have an open kitchen or one that’s not as private.

Simple Kitchen Design

Tip #08: Invest in some kitchen appliances, too!

For those who love what they do around their kitchen then having an appliance such as a slow cooker might be just the thing, they need this is because it’s easy to set up before leaving home and come back later when all of the ingredients have been cooked into delicious meals ready to serve!

Or how about something more modern? A dishwasher can really take away any worry of doing dishes by hand, and if you have a kitchen island then it’ll also allow for more space to cook because there’s another place outside of the kitchen sink area.

Some kitchen design elements are universal. But when it comes to designing the kitchen that you’ll spend hours cooking, chopping, and cleaning in – there’s no one size fits all approach. Those are Simple Kitchen Design tips and techniques that you can apply, these 8 tips are simple tips that we think everyone can apply. But if you are worried about not being able to implement it, you can seek interior design services, and they will make the perfect kitchen for you. But of course at a cost that is more expensive than you do your own kitchen design. an additional tip is to make sure you keep your kitchen always neat and clean, in order to be perfect. Because even if you follow all the tips above, your kitchen is a mess, of course, your kitchen design will not look attractive. Hopefully, our tips are useful for you.

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