baked potato in toaster oven
baked potato in toaster oven

7 Steps How To Make Baked Potato in Toaster Oven


Did you ever taste baked potato in toaster oven? Everybody who likes potato very much must have been familiar with baked potato. Since potato contains a very good carbohydrate, people often bake and eat it instead of rice for a good diet. However, most people bake the potato in the steamer more often than in toaster. Will the taste be different? Actually will be.

About the toaster oven, it is not so surprising that toaster oven provides you not only the easy way of toasting but also the simplicity and the flexibility of cooking time. One of the examples is to have baked potato in toaster oven. The idea of baking the potato in toaster oven is not that bad. Particularly when you want to have delicious baked potato, you can simply bake the pota

baked potato in toaster oven
baked potato in toaster oven

to in the toaster oven.


Baked potato in toaster oven takes only 5 minutes for preparation and 55 minutes for cooking time. Thus, you need only one hour to have the potato baked ready for you.

Prepare the Ingredients

The ingredient you must prepare soon is one potato. You may choose the russet potato for best result. Other ingredients are ¼ teaspoon olive oil and your own optional favorite toppings such as cheese, chocolate, or choco chips.

Step 1

The first step on making baked potato in toaster oven is to come closer to your kitchen to reach the toaster oven and preheat the toaster oven at 400° F. Set the timer of 55 minutes. While you are waiting for the toaster oven to preheat, you could prepare others.

Step 2

Wash the potato. As the ordinary standard washing way, you are suggested to wash the potato clean from the water tap in which the water flows. It is considered the best way of washing food stuff.

Step 3

Use olive oil to rub the potato as the third step of making baked potato in toaster oven.

Step 4

Poke some holes in the potato with a fork. Poke about 5 to ten holes. Don’t skip this step to avoid potato explode.

Step 5

Open the toaster oven’s door, lay the potato in the toaster over and close the oven’s door.

Step 6

The toaster will beep as a sigh that the potato is done. Get near the oven and take the baked potato out from the oven with spatula or fork.

Step 7

As the last step of baked potato in toaster oven, cool the potato on a plate. You can eat it plain, without any toppings, it is the time when you like original potato baked. However, if you like toppings, you can put the chocolate, cheese or choco chips on the baked potato.


Overall, it is very easy to make baked potato in toaster oven. As long as you have potato to try to bake, then you follow the procedures, everything is done. Enjoy baking with toaster oven as one of the cooking appliences that helps you cook easier.

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