kitchen interior design tips

7 Kitchen Interior Design Tips For You


How you organize your kitchen is so important, even more than what color it’s painted or how decoratively beautiful the walls are. Here are 7 kitchen interior design tips before considering different colorways and decorative features in a space, make sure that there is an organized flow of appliances with work surfaces to suit your lifestyle needs for cooking and eating while using the best techniques possible as well!

Interior designers can help you create your dream kitchen with these expert design tips. Whether it’s contemporary or traditional, we’ve got all the know-how to make this space perfect for you!

7 Kitchen Interior Design Tips For You

Kitchen Interior Design Tips

What are some items that should be in your kitchen?

This really comes into the remit of a kitchen designer, but if you’re designing your own kitchen yourself ensure you get everything spots on. Make sure to place anything and everything where it is convenient for use. For example breakfast cereals near the table or close enough to reach when sitting down at an island countertop area!

Plates should be stored as close to the dishwasher, which ideally should be near the sink. Breadboard and bread storage near a nearby toaster; cups next to where teapots or boiling water are available. If you’re installing your hob on an island, it’s useful if there is also a prep sink so that you don’t have to walk across with pans full of hot liquid in order to reach another kitchen fixture/area for cleaning dishes, etc.. Adding this extra work-space zone helps create different areas within one room if more than 1 person will often occupy said space at once working away independently.

The layout of the kitchen is vital to ensure that it flows smoothly. The cooking zone shouldn’t be a room’s main thoroughfare, but rather one space leading into another. Open-plan kitchens are becoming increasingly popular because they provide more spacious and modern layouts for families so you want your design to flow naturally across different rooms from living spaces to dining areas.

Choose The Right Color

Choosing the color of your kitchen cabinets should rely on how well it reflects light. If you are designing an extension with living and dining areas overlooking the garden, choose cabinetry that is more reflective to bring in natural sunlight into darker corners of the room.

If your kitchen is in a bright, south-facing room with lots of windows and natural light then darker cabinets might make the space feel more homely. If you’re looking for interest and texture to an otherwise featureless contemporary extension that has no period details picking grainy wood finishes will do just this!

If you want to introduce a bold color scheme in your kitchen, it is important that you are sure if this will be something that you would love now and five years later. Painting the cabinets yourself may also help when deciding on whether or not to make such changes permanent. So check out our guide for painting cabinet doors here!

A bold kitchen color can be really exciting but you should limit it to a painted island. You will get the maximum impact and easily transform back if necessary. Your cabinets ideally need to reflect colors used elsewhere in your home, this is true for every room! If they echo the themes of all other rooms, then your house would feel more cohesive overall with flow between spaces.

kitchen interior design tips

Choose Kitchen Cabinet Style

The aesthetic is a big factor when deciding on kitchen cabinets. You may love the traditional feel of Shaker style, but would handleless and modern suites be better for your contemporary extension? Could curved be more sympathetic to small proportions? How do handles complement other fittings in the home?

Choose The Best Worktops

The kitchen worktop type you choose is just as important as getting your cabinets’ color and finish right. If you’re installing a high gloss, contemporary kitchen, this could be the perfect opportunity to introduce warm texture such as wood; if your room has period detailing like marble fire surround or perhaps stone-lookalikes would tie everything together nicely?

Get The Right Kitchen Storage

When you’re planning your kitchen, don’t just think about having enough space. You also need to choose storage that’s right for what you have and where it will be used in the kitchen. For example, deep drawers are better than floor cabinets when storing things like plates or pots because at least with a drawer there is no risk of bumping into them as they get hidden deeper within each other rather than out on view so nothing gets forgotten! Don’t forget small details too – do you have everything close by while cooking such as spices & dry foods?

The best storage for small kitchens is vital to making your room functional. Getting the details right can help you have a better kitchen. If you need inspiration, check out our gallery!

Choose The Right Kitchen Lighting

When you’re trying to plan your kitchen’s lighting, style and practicality are both keys. Your current lights might not be doing it for you anymore or maybe this is a new decor scheme so the right light will go with whatever design choices you make.

Wherever we start from, these 5 ideas include everything necessary to get our kitchens lit in fabulous ways that also work perfectly as they support us through all of our activities there whether at night time cooking meals (or just snacking) on weeknights after a long day at school/work or brunching when friends come over during weekends!

Think about kitchen lighting as early on in the planning process as you can. You’ll need task lights, ambient lightings, and dimmable pendants to create an inviting space that’s also functional.

kitchen interior design tips

Make Your Kitchen Personality

If you want to add personality and make your kitchen the heart of the home, consider these design details. First: choosing wall paint colors for a gallery or decorating with wallpaper designs is one way to give it character and an easy choice when picking out window coverings can be just as effective at making a statement.

You could also choose great flooring that adds warmth (and makes cleaning easier), along with display photos effectively throughout! The beginning starts off with how adding personal touches in your living room will take it from a showroom piece into being part of what represents who you are as a person.


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