rustic Kitchen of Malibu Beach House
rustic Kitchen of Malibu Beach House

6 Best Rustic Kitchen Designs To Open Your Mind


6 Best Rustic Kitchen Designs

Have you ever thought about to have rustic kitchen design? Or perhaps you want to renovate your kitchen style but you have no idea yet, rustic design is the answer. There will be a new atmosphere you can feel along with the change of your kitchen since kitchen is the heart of the home. By rustic design, I am sure you will feel charmer and warmer for the cozy look of your kitchen.

Rustic kitchen design is one of the ideas of decorating kitchen using weathered wood beam and painted cabinets in a classical style. No matter the big or small the house you own, as long as you set it up with the nice cozy look on any part of the house including the kitchen you will be very happy to stay.

Herein, I am going to share you some designs of the kitchen with the rustic beauty to your space and inspire your on-going renovation..

Home In Baton Rouge, Lousiana

Home In Baton Rouge kitchen, Lusiana
Home In Baton Rouge kitchen, Lusiana

The idea of Home In Baton Rouge kitchen design was known from 17th century. It focuses on designing the kitchen table surrounded by antique French chairs. This design is a result of the collaboration of architect Bobby McAlpine and the interior designer Ray Booth. This rustic kitchen design is suitable for the spacious kitchen completed with the sliding-glass doors.

La Courne

La Courne rustic kitchen
La Courne rustic kitchen

The second inspiration you can derive about rustic kitchen design is La Courne. Installed by an architect Joseph Phell Lombardi, La Courne updated the 19th century kitchen design which is outfitted with cooper cookware and lamps made of kerosene. The floor is designed with the paved of sixth-inch-thick volcanic stone. The walls and ceilings of the kitchen are lifelike by the view of smoky mountains along with the salvaged wood. The space is as well decorated collaboratively between 18th century French style and 19th century English rack.

 Kitchen of Malibu Beach House

rustic Kitchen of Malibu Beach House
rustic Kitchen of Malibu Beach House

In the best rustic kitchen design discussion, contemporary kitchen of Malibu Beach House can also inspire you to copy the design. You can see the rustic style on the stone walls, ceiling beams,  and the barnlike door.

19th Century Converted Barn

Best Rustic Kitchen Designs
19th Century Converted Barn Kitchen

Designed by Russell Groves, this style of rustic kitchen design has modern kitchen’s appliances along with the zinc-and-marble countertops which are contrast with the barn original wood beams, post and flooring. The color scheme is muted. This rustic kitchen most use wood in the finishes.

Contemporary Tribeca Penthouse

Contemporary Tribeca Penthouse beadboard kitchen
Contemporary Tribeca Penthouse beadboard kitchen

The kitchen of contemporary Tribeca penthouse consists of beadboard cabinets and Venetial-plaster walls completed with the bleached and picked table which is black painted. The floor is finished in wood and the counters are viewed as butcher block.

Eclectic Kitchen Setting

This is the type of rustic kitchen design which mixes rustic beams with a vibrant shaker-style island, Murano-glass chandelier and Viking stainless-steel appliances. The floors are extended with the vhips of mirror, mother-of-pearl, abalone shell and sea glass.


Conclusively, out of the 6 rustic kitchen design described above, you may have such inspiration to choose the design of your kitchen like one of the six. Renovate your kitchen and make your expectation.

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