5 Tips To Get A Rustic Kitchen

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When discussing about kitchen interior, there are many designs and styles you can choose. One of them is the rustic design. It invokes the autumn atmosphere of oranges, brown and yellow. It also gives a look of aged building materials. At a glance, this design can show nature and historical side of your kitchen. If you are interested to design your kitchen in this way, here we will share you about some tips to get a rustic kitchen.

1. Set the nature in your kitchen.
Rustic style has close characteristic to the nature. Therefore, you need to consider using wood materials for the main objects you have in your kitchen. The first one is the cabinet; use only the one made from wood. It is also better for you to have floral color for your kitchen interior paint. The characteristic of Southwestern rustic is the deep red, brown and green color. On the other hand, the characteristic of rustic in country style used the lighter blues, yellows, as well as oranges.

2. Choose the furniture wisely.
Furniture also plays important role to have rustic kitchen style. In line with the previous point, wood is the main character of rustic style. One popular choice made by many people who want to have rustic kitchen is choosing furniture with barn wood as its main material. You can use log furniture, as it gives strong touch of rustic. Choose only simple and sturdy dining table as well. For an example of choice, you can pick the heavy pine farm table. It will give your satisfying result because farm table usually goes in plain feature completed with square les as well as intentional dents and dings. It will go along well with the knotty wood.

3. Set your floor.
The next most important point is the floor. To add more rustic style touch, you can go with hardwood flooring. Please note that as long as you go with non-glossy flooring and the one has natural finish, you can keep up with rustic design. You can have any kinds of wood, since nearly all of them work well. However, the best one is the pine. Avoid to use tile or linoleum since they does not suit well with rustic ideas.

4. Choose natural material to fill your kitchen up.
For the material, you also need to choose carefully the one that can support the rustic style you dreamed. For a great combination with any wood character, you can use stone as well to give more natural look. It is a great choice you can have for your countertops. Moreover, there are plenty patterns and colors you can have. You can also put some pots in a rack, baker’s rack, as well as recipe bookstand for more accents.

5. Exposed beam.
For additional touch, you can put exposed beam in your rustic kitchen. If you do not have much allowance on it, it is fine to go with the fake support beam as well. Keep it green and you will complete the tips to get a rustic kitchen.

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