New kitchen renovation ideas

5 Tips for New Kitchen Renovation Ideas


New kitchen renovation ideas – When someone buys a house, it is not surprising that they will feel dissatisfied with one of the rooms in it, such as the kitchen area for example. This is because usually, the condition of the kitchen is not following their expectations or needs for later activities. That’s why they will not hesitate to immediately look for new kitchen renovation ideas and implement them.

If you are one of them then you are one of the lucky ones. Because below there will be 5 tips for you before renovating your kitchen. Listen carefully!

New kitchen renovation ideas

New kitchen renovation ideas

Determine the size

The first thing you can do is determine its size. Some like the small size of the kitchen because it is compact, and some like the large size so they can move freely later when doing activities in it.

If you choose to make it wider, try to consider combining it with an area near the kitchen. Areas such as a dining area, outdoor back porch, or family area are some areas that are good enough to be combined with your kitchen later.

Decide on a theme

So that your kitchen looks more attractive, then the theme is the best way to make it happen. Choose a theme that suits your tastes and preferences. You can apply a minimalist theme if your kitchen is not too large or a contemporary theme if you want to combine furniture and cooking utensils in the kitchen to make it look more harmonious.

Choose the best color

In addition to the two things that were mentioned earlier, choosing and playing colors is also one of the tips from the new kitchen renovation ideas that you can apply to your kitchen later. You can play with gray, brown, or other warm colors.

Most people will avoid using white for their kitchen. Even so, it doesn’t hurt if you are someone who cares about the condition of your kitchen and wants to make it look the best always and look excellent.

Adjust the light

Light also you need to pay attention so that you will not experience problems when doing activities in your kitchen. Relying on natural light like the sun is certainly better than relying on lights.

Regulate air circulation

Do not forget to pay attention to air circulation in your kitchen. You can make a window with a medium-size but not too big or make a chimney later. So, the smoke from your cooking can come out and won’t collect in the kitchen later.


Here are 5 tips on new kitchen renovation ideas for your kitchen. But before that, also prepare funds for the cost of kitchen remodels so that you are not surprised when you pay for it later.

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