Smart Kitchen Storage Ideas
Smart Kitchen Storage Ideas

5 Smart Kitchen Storage Ideas without Cabinets

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How do you manage kitchen storage ideas without cabinets? If you are planning one, it means that you have a small kitchen with its limited space. It is true that small kitchen can be quite challenging but you should be able to conquer it if you know what to do – and you recognize what is needed from the kitchen. Planning a small kitchen doesn’t have to give you a headache – not if you can design without the cabinets to eliminate bulkiness and fuss.

The Absence of Cabinets

A lot of homeowners tend to think that they NEED to have cabinets, no matter how small or big the kitchen is. Well, here is a news flash for you: you don’t always need to have cabinets, especially if you have small and cramped small kitchen. There are plenty of ways for you to have smart and stylish storage system without having to install the cabinets.

Smart Kitchen Storage
Smart Kitchen Storage

So, what are the kitchen storage ideas without cabinets that are doable and also possible?

  • Use drawers. The absence of cabinets can be substituted with drawers, especially if you choose the wall mounted types. Assess your storage needs. Plan what items to be kept in what space. Depending on your storage needs, you can build the drawers as you see fit. If you don’t have many storage needs, then having several drawers will do – you don’t necessarily have to surround the kitchen in drawers. Again, the design and layout of the drawers depend on your needs, so be sure to asses and plan everything before you start building.
  • Consider rolling cart. You’d be surprised how cute and stylish these rolling carts are! It is a good thing that today’s modern rolling carts are quite fashionable with the attractive colors. This mobile storage system can be handy, especially when you want to have different categories – cleaning supplies only, spices and condiments only, etc. They are uber cute and also affordable. At least, they are less expensive than installing the cabinets or making the drawers.

Other Creative Ideas

Smart Kitchen Storage Ideas
Smart Kitchen Storage Ideas

There are still many tips and tricks for the kitchen storage ideas without cabinets, such as:

  • Stacking shelves. When you don’t have cabinets, it is most likely that you will use the countertop surface to stack some of your items. Why not using the stacking shelves to expand the storage space? These shelves are inexpensive and they are completely functional. For instance, you can place the plates on the bottom and then stack the mugs on the above space. Quite handy, huh?
  • Mini storage baskets or bins. They are pretty handy to manage clutters within the drawers. If you want to create an efficient storage management inside the drawers without compromising space, use these baskets. By dividing areas and sections, everything can be managed well and you have the extra space.

Another cool tip is to use the curtain rod or towel hanger. They are handy to manage wall space arrangement, and they are quite stylish without you having to spend a fortune. If you want to know more about kitchen storage ideas without cabinets, browse around – there are tons of them out there.





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