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5 New Model Kitchen Design You Can Try for Your Kitchen


New model kitchen design – Having an attractive kitchen design will certainly make us more comfortable when in the kitchen and carrying out various activities in it. However, what happens if you are confused about determining your kitchen design, even though you want to make it look attractive?

Don’t worry, below will be shown in the form of 5 examples of new model kitchen design that you can follow and apply to your kitchen later.

new model kitchen design

Minimalist model

The minimalist model is the first choice in kitchen design examples that you can follow. If you want your kitchen to look simple, not messy, simple but still attractive, this minimalist model is right for you to try.

Also, this model is very appropriate for you to apply if the condition of the size of your kitchen is very small and not as large as other room sizes.

Contemporary model

If you prefer to combine various things in the kitchen, from furniture, cooking utensils, and interiors, then you can develop this contemporary model. As the name suggests, this model is not attached to anything, but you can combine things to make it more harmonious and attractive.

Rustic model

Next is the rustic model. Although based on the rural style, but this style is one of the new model kitchen design. This is because nature and impression are simple, close to nature, but still accentuates a very interesting impression.

Usually, this model is also applied to modern housing models that are located far from urban areas and in natural surroundings that are far from crowds, or not far from beautiful and rural environments.

Scandinavian model

This model takes from its name which is also the location of a place in Europe. This model will put more emphasis on the color game, namely access from black and white. Starting from the interior and furniture in it will adopt more white color combined with some black later.

Modern model

Lastly, there is a modern model. This model will be more in the use of the latest modern cooking utensils, such as relying on electricity in operation, as well as a combination of black and white balance. If you plan to adopt this model, then you need to prepare enough funds to cover the cost of kitchen remodel business later.


Those are the 5 latest new model kitchen design that you can follow or inspire you to apply in your kitchen later. However, if you don’t find anything interesting and want to find other ideas, then try to look for it on the internet or ask someone who can help you in designing your kitchen later.

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