5 Kitchen Remodeling Before and After Ideas

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I want to show you kitchen remodeling before and after through this article. Remodeling a kitchen can be very complicated and expensive. It depends on the size of your kitchen and what do you want your kitchen to look or function. Kitchen is considered to be one of the most important parts of the house so that it is important for you to design your kitchen very well. However, it is often that you feel bored with the look or design of your current kitchen. You feel like you want to have a new look refreshing kitchen.

5 Best Before and After

Remodeling is not merely about replacing old appliances with the new ones. In fact, it is a lot more than that. Remodeling kitchen is not an easy job to do especially for you who don’t have any degree in interior designing. So, I’ll bring you some of best kitchen remodeling before and after that may give you some inspirations if you consider remodeling your kitchen.

You can modify your large and functional kitchen layout that is suitable to raise a big family into more modernized stylish one. After remodeling, you can have modern kitchen that is more cheerful and far livelier than before. You can add curvy handmade European glass into the fronts of your cabinet. It is not only able to reflect lights but also improves character to the space. You can also install countertops of “Calacatta Gold” marble to provide a fresh and lighter feel

curvy handmade European glass

Another kitchen remodeling before and after is for boring narrow and ordinary kitchen. After some remodeling by adding new large island, it looks much more updated, fresher and more cheerful than before. You can also add a tall mahogany turned legs farmhouse table and a custom beadboard base which match with the design of the oversize island.

custom beadboard base with big island
custom beadboard base with big island

Before remodeling, the kitchen is installed with unremarkable wooden cabinetry lining the walls which make the cooking space looks dark and narrow and a single small island in the middle. You can remodel the kitchen by replacing the island with two islands, one for cooking and the other is for cleaning. They can ease your traffic flow. Add pendant fixtures to illuminate the counters. If you want casual seating for the space, add rustic stools to give charm at the island.

The next kitchen remodeling before and after is for spacious but uncomfortable and uninviting kitchen. Before remodeling, it contains of two large islands, one of them is in trapezoid shape. After it is remodeled, it looks more balanced and illuminating. Adding two islands to be combined with the large one with six stools for seating at the island change the whole look of the space. To illuminate the room and visually supply the volume of the island, you can install pendants fixtures into the room.

installing a window above the sink
installing a window above the sink

Before remodeling is a kitchen which has a countertop that breaks up the room. After remodeling by installing a window above the sink which embraces the original ones and adding a delightful chocolate brown oversize island as the central point of the area work of the kitchen. It is the last kitchen remodeling before and after idea.

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