Hardwood Flooring
Hardwood Flooring

5 Hardwood Flooring Pros And Cons Based On Customer Reviews


Hardwood flooring pros and cons – Flooring becomes a new figured out thing for a home buyer to consider. Moreover, it’s always challenging to search and find about flooring before finally comes to the choice. Who won’t think about flooring? Considered as one of the most crucial element of a house, flooring must be included into the list of comfort.

In this case, hardwood flooring attracts more to the home buyers or to anyone else who are building a house especially completing the finishing of the house. There are usually three kinds of hardwood, which are;  strip, plank and parquet.

Typically, plank flooring has wider strips and the parquets is formed squares completed by geometric pattern. If you are arguing what kind of flooring you will install to your house, you may refer to the hardwood flooring pros and cons to avoid debating.

The Pros of Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood Flooring
Hardwood Flooring
  1. Easy to care

Hardwood is thought to be easy to care. It is durable for sure. Amazingly, a house with the hardwood flooring remains the floor still in a good condition after a hundred years under the proper maintenance. Use a wood floor cleaner to clean the hardwood flooring occasionally.

  1. Valuable

The valuable point of hardwood flooring lay on its quality that makes it valuable. A home with this kind of flooring is the most-wanted of all. Even most buyers want to pay high if the home they are looking for use hardwood flooring.

  1. Providing a lot of styles

There are many styles of hardwood flooring available for you to take the option. The stiles include the decoration either in the form of traditional or modern one. It is also providing some types such as walnut, oaks, cherry and etc to suit the home owners preference.

The Cons of Hardwood

Hardwood Flooring kitchen
Hardwood Flooring kitchen
  1. Cost

Hardwood is well-known to be very expensive due to the material and the installation which is not easy. The installation of hardwood flooring is a kind of hard job to handle.

  1. Refinishing needed

The installation of hardwood flooring always needs refinishing. In addition, there must be a difficult maintenance to the house where children and pets are busy around and it causes damage.

  1. Nosy

Hardwood flooring creates sound where a footstep walking. It can be a noise for your neighbors if you live in a near distance with them. Even when you place a rug, it reduces the sound very little.


As hardwood flooring pros and cons have been described short and brief, I am sure that you may have an options now whether or not you take hardwood flooring to apply in your house. Considering the pros, you will be easy to maintain the floor. In addition, you can choose one design over numerous attracting designs available.

However, the cons say different. One thing you must pay attention to this kind of flooring is the price. Make sure you are be able to afford it if you plan to make it. However, the choice is in your hand.


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