Plan Marble Kitchen Design Ideas
Plan Marble Kitchen Design Ideas

4 Tips to Manage and Plan Marble Kitchen Design Ideas

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There are some smart and interesting marble kitchen design ideas that you can incorporate for your personal living space. A marble kitchen may seem like a fashion dream but let’s not forget that it is also costly. Marble is one of the sturdiest and most solid kitchen materials. It is great if you want to achieve a long lasting look, but you can’t use flimsy or cheesy furniture, especially those without strong construction.

About Marble in General

It shouldn’t be too surprising to know the fact that marble remains attractive for centuries, even for millennia. The pattern is natural and lovely, and it comes with great varieties. The white marble is super attractive, which can’t be found in other materials, even in natural stones. Let’s not forget that marble is one of the strongest and most durable materials which will ensure the long lasting marble kitchen design ideas.

Plan Marble Kitchen Design Ideas
Plan Marble Kitchen Design Ideas

However, despite all the beauties and appeals, there are some key strength as well as possible flaws. Marble is non porous and dense, which is responsible for the stain resistant and durable features. However, marble is also prone to acids. If you experience acidic liquid like vinegar or lemon juice, it will certainly etch the marble. Not only it will leave the white-ish and dull mark, it will also eat the surface slowly.

Design Elements

White marbles kitchen Ideas
White marbles kitchen Ideas

If you are planning to incorporate simple but effective marble kitchen design ideas into your kitchen, be sure to do some of these things:

  • Include other colors. White marbles are attractive. It creates this pure effect that will make your kitchen somewhat serene and peaceful. However, if you only choose white, it can be boring and plain. Be sure to include other colors. You don’t have to include bold or bright colors. Neon colors? No need to, unless you want to make it super cheesy. But be sure to include other colors beside white, such as cream, gray, or brown – depending on your preference and the expected result.
  • White is okay but includes other colors as accents. Even in an all white kitchen, there are other colors included as the accent. For instance, black accents on the countertop or the brown wooden floor can be a great inclusion.
  • Use marble in one part only. Even when you have the budgets, covering the entire kitchen in marbles may not be a good idea. In fact, covering the kitchen from the top to the bottom in marbles will be cheesy. Choosing kitchen countertops and kitchen island for the marble will be a good idea. You can still pair it up with the wooden cabinets or wooden floor.
  • If you do want to cover several parts with the marble, be sure to choose different colors of hues. Let’s say that you have a kitchen island that is made completely from marble, and then you also have a marble floor. The best way to create a balanced outlook is to make the colors or hues different. White kitchen island and dark gray floor is great.

Decorating the kitchen with the marble can be a good option but only if you do it right. Pay attention to these marble kitchen design ideas and guide so you can achieve the promising result.



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