4 Things To Have For Retro Kitchen

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If you want to have charming and funky kitchen, retro style might works well. In this style, you can combine fun colors as well as vintage pieces. For more details, there are some things to have for retro kitchen, which you should put in your kitchen.

1. Tile and little decoration on the wall.
To bring retro look for your kitchen, you can use checkered tile floor. The greatest combination is indeed the black and white.  It is a classic but timeless option, which will set any eyes to the vintage look of your kitchen. If you want to go bolder, you can go with the combination of red and white for other preference.  For the mishmash of the wall, you can give polka dots for the accent. It will add a little femininity to your kitchen, which create the vintage and retro atmosphere of your kitchen.

2. Choices of colors.
In retro style, there are some strong colors, which you can use to strengthen its characteristic. The first one is red. You can have it for your main color, or use it as the accents for more beauty. If you prefer to have it as an accent only, making it in contrast with neutral stark will even give better result. The second one is mint green. You can have back splash or cabinets in this color to add the retro touch to your kitchen. It will also serve you good kitchen appearance if you use this color for your kitchen foundation. For other option, you can also go with turquoise color.

3. Set your appliances in retro style as well.
Trying to set your kitchen in retro style is not enough only by using color combination. You also need to use appliances, which could show retro touch as well. Instead of modern appliances, try to find the one with vintage appeal. It will be better for you to complete your kitchen with funky hardware as well. What matter in getting retro style is the detail. The more you care about the detail, the more you will have retro look in your kitchen. For a little help, you can go with the help of Coca-Cola. It is not about the drink, but the accent. Drop some stuff in this accent and surely, you will grow more retro looks to your kitchen.

4. Some details to consider.
First, you can put any retro clocks to your kitchen wall. Second, you can use charming timer on your stove and oven. If you wished to go with other stuff, you can place food scale on your counter top. For the lights, it will be better to use the stainless steel. On the other hand, you can also complete your retro mix with padded stools. Instead of wooden or steel bench steel, padded stool can mix well with the characteristic of retro style. To complete the things to have for retro kitchen, it is the storage. It will be better to use the open one rather than the one with window glass.

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