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4 Favorable Kitchen Countertop Materials of All Time

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4 Favorable Kitchen Countertop Materials of All Time

butcher look

Kitchen countertop materials are being laid out in the market with various options. Choosing the right material is a very important decision since countertop materials will stay at your kitchen for many years. There are many types of countertop materials out there, but some of them have stayed as everyone’s favorite. Here are some favorable kitchen countertop materials list.

Engineered Stone

Engineered Stone countertops

Engineered Stone countertops

This material is made of 93% quartz and 7% binder and color. This particular stone bring out the attractiveness of the kitchen countertop to another level.

Strength: It comes in many options of colors, patterns, textures, shapes, and finishes. Unlike natural stone, quartz doesn’t need to be sealed since it is non-porous. It resists stain and bacteria as well as scratches. The durability is a top-notch as well.

Weakness: Unfortunately, quartz countertop is not that strong against heat. The material is also one of the most expensive out there. You have to keep it out of direct sunlight since direct sunlight will cause the color to fade, a crack or distortion.


Granite countertops

Granite countertops

Granite has been around as one of the most popular kitchen countertop materials. This material can really bring out the elegancy of your kitchen with its stunning beauty. It is a natural stone that have proven an outstanding strength and look.

Strength: This countertop material comes in wide range of colors, giving you a choice to choose the color as your kitchen identity. Moreover, the stone can hold up to heat, cut, or scratches. If you properly sealed the stone, it can resist stains and will last a lifetime.

Weakness: Some of them are expensive. You have to properly seal this stone to avoid stains absorption. When you cut ingredient with a knife, the stone can dulled the knife. This material also needs regular maintenance.

Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel countertops

Stainless Steel countertops

This material can really fit itself into any kitchen look, from modern to farmhouse kitchen. The stainless steel can also blend easily with your kitchen appliances.

Strength: Stainless steel is a beauty, this will look good on any surface and can complement other materials inside your kitchen. It can take the heat up to 800 degrees. It also comes with many different finishes. This material is non-porous, so cleaning is relatively easy. Sanitary and durability are some strength of the stainless steels.

Weakness: For a countertop material, stainless steel is not cheap. The stainless steel countertop makes a lot of noises and there may be some dents.

Wood or Butcher Block

butcher look

butcher look

The natural beauty of wood always emits a warm and welcoming feeling when being used in kitchen.

Strength: It can act as the cutting board and hide the cuts and scratches very well. It goes well with other kitchen appliances and flooring. Moreover, it is easy to clean and can’t easily crack or chip.

Weakness: if you want to keep it for a long time, it needs a regular sealing to avoid water penetration or stain and bacteria absorption. The scratches or cuts must be oiled to keep out bad effect of water. Nonetheless, wood is still one of the satisfactory kitchen countertop materials.



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