Hamilton Beach Searing Grill with fan
Hamilton Beach Searing Grill with fan

4 Best Tips How To Use Hamilton Beach Searing Grill

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Using Hamilton beach searing grill brings up an anxiety of resulting smoke and food burning. It is so if you don’t understand how to use it correctly. However, if you are searing food using this grill product, you must certainly know the right way to do it without smoking up your kitchen or even burning your food.

This way, Hamilton beach searing grill is designed to help you grill your food in a good quality which means there will not any burn happen and there will not be a smoke fully attacking your kitchen. If you have already had this grill product, all you need to do is just keep reading the instruction how to use it on this page. Read on the instruction below and get the best result of grilling.

Use Your Exhaust Fan

Hamilton Beach Searing Grill with fan
Hamilton Beach Searing Grill with fan

Want to have barbecue? You may have a very delicious barbeque by setting up the handy little grill on the top of your stove right under your exhaust fan. This way will support you how to make a nice barbecue in your backyard. The delicious meals will smell good soon.

Use Olive Oil When Searing

Olive Oil When Searing
Olive Oil When Searing

Do you believe that olive oil works in searing? Believe it does! Season your meat and vegetables by giving olive oil on the surface until the meat and vegetables get covered. Put them on the Hamilton beach searing grill to get cooked. Olive oil avoids food sticking. On the other hand, it will make your food juicy and has strong flavor.

Use The Lid

The existence of lid does for a reason. Using the lid is the best way to control splatters, minimize smoking and keep the grill at the suitable temperature. This is the important part of grilling because you will need only a short time to grill using Hamilton beach searing grill.

Hamilton Beach Searing Grill with lids
Hamilton Beach Searing Grill with lids

On the other hand, if you leave the grill open or without the lid, the temperature will lead into preheat mode. Thus, using the lid is very recommended to get the best result of grilling.

Get The Grill Mark Advantage

The grill marks is very important to make your grilled food look nice and able to stimulate your appetite. When you accomplished searing using this Hamilton beach, your food will be so eye-catching by the grill marks. For example, the grill marks on a slice of pineapple or red onion look more appetizing as those on a steak, fish or chicken breast.

To get the good grill marks with Hamilton beach searing grill, you need to sear in 2-3 minutes then rotate the food and sear again. Repeat the process until you are ready to flip the food. In this way, you will leave the diamond style of grill marks. And actually, you will make you feel as if you were a great chef ever.


Finally you can come to the bottom line that Hamilton beach searing grill is great in producing tasty food as long as you do the right way of grilling based on the tips given. Now let’s see how it works. Have a nice try!


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