3x3 Kitchen Layout
glass doors in 3x3 Kitchen

3×3 Kitchen Layout Ideas for the Small Kitchen

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What are your expectations from 3×3 kitchen layout ideas? On the contrary to what people believe, you don’t actually need to have a big kitchen to style it up. Small kitchen will do, as long as you can incorporate smart designs so it can be both functional as well as good looking.

The Small Design

3x3 Kitchen Layout
3×3 Kitchen Layout

The biggest problem in planning and incorporating 3×3 kitchen layout ideas is the space. As you can imagine, 3×3 isn’t exactly a spacious dimension. If you want to incorporate stylish and good looking outcome, you need to come around. Some of the layouts are working well for the small space, although they are also good for other sizes, including the medium and big kitchen.

Smart Kitchen Arrangement

One of the smartest ways to manage a small kitchen is to get rid of the clutter. Instead of stacking everything on the counter, why not putting them in the cabinets – or even better, hang them? Open shelves are also smart, but the question is: how many shelves or cabinets in the kitchen? If you have cabinets, you can remove the doors to create an airy and open space. If you already have the racks or shelves, it would be even better. If you have extra money and you don’t mind doing extra work, you can consider installing glass doors so you can display the contents without having to worry about dust piling up and accumulating on them.

 glass doors in 3x3 Kitchen
glass doors in 3×3 Kitchen

But then again, how many cabinets are considered appropriate for the small kitchen? For most homeowners, they may choose one cabinet and several drawers. Wall mounted or built in drawers may be considered the best ways to improve the style of the kitchen, while managing the 3×3 kitchen layout ideas to the greatest extent.

Some Ideas for the Kitchen Styles

U shape kitchen layout
U shape kitchen layout

Looking for simple and yet effective design? Here are some of the options:

  • Black and white kitchen. Yes, light colors can make a kitchen look bigger, but black and white has been a popular and timeless monochrome option. It is simple. It is super stylish. It works. A black countertop with white drawers or cabinets will create a sudden ‘wow’ effect. If you choose a rather dark hue, it still works well. Let’s say that you have a light or dark gray kitchen. The black and white color scheme will work like a charm.
  • Combination of stainless steel appliances and neutral cabinets. If you can incorporate the appliances to the cabinets, not only it will save up space but it will also create a stylish and unique look to the kitchen.
  • U shape kitchen layout. You have to realize that the U shape will create even smaller effect, especially if you have bulky cabinets. However, you can trick it out with wall mounted drawers and floating shelves. If you are able to combine these, you can create a stylish and super cool kitchen.

There are still many other designs and limitless creativities when it comes to stylish and small kitchen. If you are able to embrace 3×3 kitchen layout ideas, you can achieve good style without compromising functionality.



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