hardwood kitchen flooring
hardwood kitchen flooring

3 Consideration of Kitchen Flooring VS Tile


Hardwood kitchen flooring VS tile is what I’m going to give you in this article. Kitchen flooring is one of the most important things to consider in designing or remodeling your kitchen. It is not quite easy and simple if we deal with flooring. Furthermore it is not easy as well to decide what’s best flooring for your kitchen as there are great numbers of flooring selections you can choose. However, don’t be reckless in choosing kitchen floor. There are a few criteria you need to consider before installing the right flooring into your kitchen. What are they? And what types of floor you can consider? Let’s find out in the following article.

Considerations in Choosing Kitchen Floor

hardwood kitchen flooring
hardwood kitchen flooring

If you can’t decide between hardwood kitchen flooring VS tile, I’m going to give you some information about choosing the right flooring for your kitchen.  There is a number of kitchen flooring that will well-suited the design of your kitchen from tile, hardwood, vinyl to linoleum. They are made to give strong floor to your kitchen and provide decorative base at the same time. However, before deciding what type of kitchen flooring there are some criteria you have to consider.  I am sure you don’t want to be reckless in selecting what’s best for your home.

Here are some points of considerations about hardwood kitchen flooring VS tile:

  1. Budget – if you only have limited budget to do flooring for your kitchen, tile is more recommended. In fact, a tile always suits to any budget you have. That’s why tile is such a popular choice for kitchen flooring. But if you want a more premium and natural wood flooring, hardwood is more suggested. Wooden floor doesn’t require extra work of pulling up and starting again in like what we do in installing tile.
  2. Effortlessness of cleaning – if you’re talking about the easiness of cleaning, both hardwood and tile are relatively easy to clean. However, there are some considerations in cleaning these both types of floor. Tile grout lines are more difficult to keep clean. It sometimes can get clogged with dirt and subsequently discolor over time and if you choose hardwood over tile, you have to be aware of the gaps between floor boards. They can easily be clogged by dirt and crumbs. Spilled fluids can also disappear down to your sub-floor.
  3. Durability – Both hardwood and tile are pretty good in durability, but still have some drawbacks. For tile, it is not recommended to use the cheapest tile in a high flow kitchen as it tends to be broken or cracked more. Choose the tough and longevous type of tile such as porcelain. While for hardwood, there are also cautions you need to know. It can get scratched, dent and scuff when installed in a high traffic space. To overcome this problem you can choose the rustic textures type of wood floor.

If you want to choose one perfect floor for your kitchen foundation, make sure you have considered at least those three criteria so that you get the benefits of the floor. There are good and bad point in hardwood kitchen flooring VS tile.


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