50s - 60s kitchen design
50s - 60s kitchen design

1970s Kitchen Design Ideas: How to Style up the Area

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You can probably gain something from 1970s kitchen design ideas, considering that it has been a solid platform in the modern kitchen. Every decade brings its own signature unique style but nothing can beat the 1970s. There are some unique elements that remain stand out among the years, and using the 1970 kitchen for the basic design can be a good idea if you are looking for something edgy and different for your kitchen.

The Basic Difference

50s - 60s kitchen design
50s – 60s kitchen design

You probably have heard about the kitchen in the 50s and the 60s, but you have to admit that there are some crazy stylish 1970s kitchen design ideas remaining timeless and long lasting until now. In the 50s, you can see the rise of traditional kitchen – whether it is the country traditional style or the urban traditional look with its muted colors. Sure, you can also see some of the modern appliances, but the overall atmosphere and design are mostly about traditional sense. In the 60s, you see the movement for retro look where contrast and bold colors are paired with each other. You can also see unique shapes with circular models in this year.

The 70s kitchen is different altogether because it reflects something new and unique. It is the time of freedom and individuality, where the homeowners weren’t afraid to show their personalities. Expect to see riots of patterns and colors that will make the room colorful.

Some of the Unique 70s Elements

1970s kitchen design
1970s kitchen design

Thinking about decorating your kitchen in this manner? Here are some things you can do from the 70s inspirations:

  • Don’t be afraid to use bold and dashing color. For instance, wooden palette and yellow hue were quite popular back in those days
  • Some of the kitchen island or kitchen countertops have unique shapes. If you have a sink that isn’t attached to the wall (such as the one on the kitchen island, for instance), you can build a small cabinetes, which are basically a little box built behind the sink, meant to store the related items and things.
  • Laminate countertops and cabinets with unique colors (such as maroon and ivory) with daring tile backsplash can be an ideal option.
  • You can add a pull out workspace that is pretty handy to prepare the foods and you can do it sitting down. It is unusual, and yet it what makes it a good addition in your 1970s kitchen design ideas.

Other Extra Additions

In the 70s, it was quite common to combine some of the natural materials with fabrics. In that year, wooden material was dominating the scheme, and with the addition of fabric – as the cabinet enclosure or such thing alike – you can achieve a good 70s design in the simplest manner.

1970s kitchen design
1970s kitchen design

Don’t forget that the combination of colors and patterns are the unique aspect of the design. It is pretty okay to combine several daring hues with bold wallpapers, such as geometric patterns or cane patterns. Some of the muted colors are also good for the kitchen. Have you got any inspiration from these 1970s kitchen design ideas and guidance?



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