Microwave A Baked Potato
Microwave A Baked Potato

10-Minute Tips How To Microwave A Baked Potato

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Are you looking for ways how to microwave a baked potato perfectly so it comes out tender and fluffy every time? This guide will only require you to take 10 minutes of your day to do it. If you simply don’t have time to pre-heat the oven and then roast a few spuds for an hour, then ditch the oven and use your microwave!


a baked potato in the microwave
a baked potato in the microwave

One of the perks of relying on a microwave to bake potato is that it works well for families with a wide range of taste for pretty much everyone can make their very own microwaved baked potato just however they see fit.

Now, here is all the methods how to microwave a baked potato:

  • The first thing you need to do is scrub the spuds you are about to microwave then poke each of them five times with a fork. You can poke on each side a few times.
  • Put the spuds on to the microwave safe plate directly
  • The cooking time actually varies depending on the number of spuds you are going to microwave and the size of them. If you plan to cook two medium-sized spuds, then it’s safe to start with 10 minutes of cooking time. If you are going for four potatoes then set the time to 15 minute cooking time. However, if it’s only one potato for yourself, five to six minute cooking time should do the trick
  • Grab a towel when the time is up or use an oven mitt. Then, squeeze each side of the spuds gently. You’ll know the potato is ready if it gives without any resistance and begins to open up easily. However, if the spud still feels a bit firm, then put it into the microwave for another minute at a time. Do it until it feels tender. Should it happen that the potatoes are all different sizes, separate the ones that are tender and continue to cook the ones that still need additional time.
  • Now all you need to do is to cut open the potatoes carefully.

Some nice toppings ideas include sour cream, butter, Greek yogurt, crumbled blue cheese or feta or even goat cheese, shredded cheddar cheese, chives, crumbled cooked bacon, or even fresh herbs, salsa, guacamole. There is just an endless array of possibilities you can try!

Microwave A Baked Potato
Microwave A Baked Potato

Here is another recommended ingredients for your baked potato made for one serving:

  • One big russet spud
  • One tablespoon of margarine or butter
  • One salt, to taste
  • One tablespoon of shredded cheddar cheese
  • One black pepper, to taste
  • Three teaspoon of sour cream

To make it, you need to scrub and poke the spud several times with a fork before putting it on the microwave-safe plate. Then, cook for five minutes on full power. Turn it over and cook it for another five minutes.

Once it’s tender, take it out of the microwave and cut it in half lengthwise. Season it with pepper and salt and then mash up the inside a little with a fork. Then, top the open sides with two tablespoons of cheese and butter before placing it in the microwave and wait for one minute in order to melt the cheese. Lastly, use the sour cream and the remaining cheese as toppings!

Hope this guide on how to microwave a baked potato helps you make a quick and fulfilling dinner!


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