Yellow Kitchen Design Ideas With Pictures

Executing yellow kitchen design ideas shouldn’t be as difficult as you think. Yellow is the color of optimism – a color of brightness and cheerfulness. When you choose yellow, you can expect a bright and fun effect for the kitchen. Of course, you don’t have to choose the overly bright hue for the kitchen. In fact, you may be surprised to know that there are different kinds of yellow with different kinds of kitchen arrangement.

The Muted Yellow

The Muted Yellow kitchen with granite countertops
The Muted Yellow kitchen with granite countertops

Although yellow is associated with fun and brightness, you don’t necessarily choose too bold or too bright yellow to complete the look. Muted yellow is ideal to create casual and warm atmosphere. Some people call it pale yellow, but you get the idea, right? Pale yellow cabinets (from the floor to the ceiling) look great when paired up with brow granite countertops and also hardwood floor. Complete the look with bronze hardware, cream color and brown accessories, and earthy toned accents.

The Yellow Walls

buttery yellow wall with white cabinets
buttery yellow wall with white cabinets

Wall tone is one of the elements to tweak in yellow kitchen design ideas. Pair the buttery yellow wall with white cabinets and also pale yellowish open shelves. The yellow wall seems to add modern and warmth to the overall design. To create a modern effect, add black accents on the countertops and black liner tiles for the white backsplash (in tiles). What about black brick? Why not? You can even add some yellow accents on the window and the frame.

Two Tones Combination

Is it possible to have another color in the yellow kitchen design ideas? If you choose the right hue, you should be able to achieve the most stylish effect. Yellow and green celery, for instance, can create a great presence.  Try combining cabinets in pastel green with soft yellow wall in the cottage style kitchen. With moldings on the drawer fronts and door, the overall look is super stylish. For the backsplash, you can have beige mosaic tiles that will look great with beige countertops from granite. What about bronze faucet and brown stools? They will do to complete the style.

Yellow Tiles

Buttery yellow tiles with gray cabinet
Buttery yellow tiles with gray cabinet

If you are expecting pop of colors in the most subtle way, why not adding yellow tiles? Whether you want to combine them with other tiles (either in white or orange or even red), you can expect an improved level of richness. Buttery yellow tiles will look great with soft yellow for the backsplash and also the gray cabinets. If you want to create textures, striped fabrics adorn the windows and woven rugs will create a softer effect for the pine floor. Green kitchen island looks great with bright yellow stools.

Contemporary Yellow

If you have a gray kitchen wall, try pairing it up with yellow glossy equipment. Modular cabinets create a contemporary look. Add a pairing style of gray slab countertop with yellow backsplash. Wooden range hood, kitchen island, and lower cabinets complete the overall look, creating a warm inviting, and fun kitchen. Those are some of the easy and simple yellow kitchen design ideas that you can have for the room.


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