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Washer/Dryer in Kitchen Ideas Conceal Your House’s Flaws

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Washer/Dryer in Kitchen Ideas Conceal Your House’s Flaws

Ares January 2, 2018

Have you ever heard washer/dryer in kitchen ideas before? This might be something odd for those people who have not recognized these kinds of kitchen ideas. It is not a random combination in order to make a creative new idea. Yet, this is going to be an idea of combining the washer or dryer that looks totally ugly and horrible to be covered up in a place that will make you speechless and out of words. As washer or dryer will be used every single day for even more than once, the outlook of these two things will not be as flawless as they used to be. However, as a creative home owner you can still do these things to conceal the flaw of your house.


Washer Dryer in Kitchen Ideas

Washer Dryer in Kitchen Ideas

Using the idea of cabinetry is one of the best washer/dryer in kitchen ideas. When it is quite impossible for both of them to be covered up in the bathroom, you can conceal the flaw you have by placing them inside the cabinetry. When the idea of remodeling the kitchen cabinet to fit the washer or dryer seems to be wasting money, you can find the high kitchen cabinet that is able to hold these washer and dryer such as the full size closet. Even you can add the cleaning products there as well.

Sliding door

Sliding door for Washer Dryer

Sliding door for Washer Dryer

Other washer/dryer in kitchen ideas that is apart from using cabinetry is by using the sliding door. As cabinetry seems to be smaller or narrower than the washer or the dryer, it seems impossible for the home owners to cover up the washer/dryer in an hour. However, you can hide them by using the fashionable sliding door. Whenever you think that you are not using it, you can close the sliding door so that the house looks clean, neat, and tidy.


Another simplest idea to cover up the messy washer or dryer is by using curtains. The point is that you need to find a place where you are able to put both the washer and dryer at the same place then in order to cover it up, you can just use the curtains. In case you are having a gathering and you have no preparation at all, these curtain ideas will cure your worry away. However, the curtains should have been set up neatly in order to make the view looks much neater. You can try out this washer/dryer in kitchen ideas. Bottom of Form



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