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Cal Flame Warranty


Lifetime Structural Warranty

LMS warrants the structural frame to maintain its integrity.

Frame - Lightweight, Durable

Galvanized Steel ••

Lifetime Component Warranty

LMS warrants stainless steel mountings against deterioration and corrosion.

Decorative Finish Warranty

LMS warrants the decorative finishes at time of delivery, including:








Foot Rest

Warming Drawer

Extent of Warranty

This 2008 Cal Flame Warranty is only valid on Cal Flame models delivered in the United States or Canada and extends through the selling dealer to the original purchaser at the original site of installation. This warranty becomes valid at time of purchase and ends either by specified time-frame listed above or upon owner transfer or relocation.

Manufacturer Warranty

All Cal Flame models are manufactured with the highest quality electrical and electronic devices and are warranted to be free from defects in material and workmanship at time of delivery. The appliance warranty is extended through the manufacturer of the product. These items include, but are not limited to, the following: Stereos, speakers, refrigerators, keg refrigerators, accessories, televisions, and DVD players.

Warranty Performance

In the event of a malfunction or defect covered under the terms of this warranty, a factory authorized service agent of LMS will perform the necessary repairs. To obtain service, contact the selling dealer. In the event the consumer is unable to obtain satisfactory customer service from the selling dealer or service agent, written notification must be given to the LMS Customer Relations Department within 30 days of the reported failure. There will be no charge for parts or labor on a covered item. However, the service agent may assess a reasonable travel or mileage charge per service call. If LMS determines that repair of a covered item is not feasible, LMS reserves the right to replace the defective merchandise with merchandise equal in value to the original purchase price. Warranty repair and / or replacement is the sole discretion of LMS and this warranty does not cover costs therein, including but not limited to: freight, removal, re-installation, etc. This warrant is non-transferable and may not be extended beyond the above mentioned time frames under any circumstances, by any of LMS’s representatives.

Warranty Limitations

This warranty is void if the barbecue island has been subject to negligence, alteration, misuse, repairs, dings, dents, scratches, or incorrect and / or prohibited applications, as specified in the owner’s manual. Gas lines must be installed by a licensed plumber only or local gas company agent. Incorrect electrical installation by unlicensed electricians, service by non-LMS authorized representatives, acts of God and other cases beyond the control of LMS are not covered by this warranty. Please refer to the owner’s manual for examples of exclusions and common acts invalidating this warranty. This limited warranty applies only to barbecue islands used for personal, family, and outdoor household purposes. This warranty does not apply to labor charges on barbecue islands, replacement parts and hardware. This limitation is retroactive and applies to all barbecue islands manufactured from 2000 and hereafter.


LMS shall not be liable for loss of use of the barbecue islands or other incidental or consequential costs, expense or damages, which may include, but are not limited to, removal of permanent deck or other custom fixtures or the necessity for crane removal. Any implied warranty shall have duration equal of the applicable warranty stated above.

Natural stone: Rock, travertine, marble, granite, etc. may be characterized by dry seams, pits, chips, cracks, and fossils that are often filled with grout during installation. These are normal imperfections and are not considered defects.

Legal Remedies

This limited warranty gives you specific legal rights. You may have other rights, which may vary from state to state.

Customer Service

For customer service, contact the authorized selling dealer immediately. If you need additional information or assistance, please contact the LMS Customer Relations Department at 1462 E. Ninth St., Pomona CA 9166 or call (800) 225-2.


See your Cal Flame barbecue dealer for a copy of the applicable warranty, details and any questions you may have regarding the warranty coverage on your barbecue.

Warranty Limitations

The Limited Warranty is void if the barbecue island has been subject to negligence, alteration, misuse, abuse, repairs by non-LMS authorized representatives, incorrect electrical installation, acts of God and any other cases beyond the control of LMS Examples of common acts invalidating this warranty include but are not limited to:

Scratches caused by normal use.

Damage caused by extreme weather conditions (hot, cold, etc.)

Damage caused by dirt, sand, and/or water damage.

Damage caused by continued operation of the barbecue with either known or unknown problems.

Damage caused by direct sunlight.

Damage caused as a result of failure to follow the operating instructions as defined in this owner’s manual. ••••••

This Limited Warranty applies only to barbecues normally used for personal, family, or household purposes.

This Limited Warranty specifically excludes commercial barbecue islands.

Warranty Exclusions

LMS warranties the barbecue islands and associated hardware from defects in material and workmanship for a period of one year from the original date of purchase.

Stereo systems are delivered with their own manufacturer’s warranty. For more information, see their warranties in the owner’s information package that was delivered with your barbecue island.


Natural stone: Rock, travertine, marble, granite, etc. may be characterized by dry seams, pits, chips, cracks, and fossils that are often filled with grout during installation. These are normal imperfections and are not considered defects.

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