Turquoise Kitchen Design Ideas and the Unique Appeal of the Hue

If you want to create a stunning and soothing effect at the same time, why not implementing and planning turquoise kitchen design ideas? You should know that turquoise creates a calming effect. It is peaceful and soothing, like the Caribbean sea and subtle freshness. A lot of people often mistake turquoise with light blue or aqua, but it is not completely right. It is a mix of green and light blue. If you are dealing with warm turquoise, there will a subtle tad of yellowish hue. If you want to, you can have a range of turquoise hue, from very pale and cool to warm and vibrant one.

Turquoise for the Kitchen

Turquoise for the Kitchen
Turquoise for the Kitchen

Although turquoise is perfect as the color for other rooms and spaces, a lot of homeowners feel that the hue is great for the kitchen. That’s why there are turquoise kitchen design ideas for the space. Do you know that turquoise is great when paired up with other colors? When it is mixed and matched with citrus tones, like lime, it looks just perfect. It is great for all kinds of blue, even the navy. What if you want to pair it with other colors like red? You can do it. And another great thing about the color is that it looks beautiful if coming with tropical design or artistic items.

Turquoise is definitely a flexible hue because when you mix it with white, you get a beach-y effect. When you pair it with mustard or umber, you create Mexican effect. When you mix it with gold, you have your own glamour look. Now you understand why a lot of people are in love with such a hue, right?

The Stylish and Clever Color Schemes

Stylish and Clever Color Schemes
Stylish and Clever Color Schemes

So, what kinds of turquoise kitchen design ideas that you can implement for the house?

  • For a starter, if you want to create a warmer tone, choose dark turquoise. Looking for a cheerful one? Choose the light or pale one. If you aren’t sure about including the hue into the design, choose one wall only and paint it thoroughly with the color. It creates a stylish effect without overwhelming the entire design.
  • Another part of the design plan is to combine the color with the supporting accents. Consider pairing it up with white and wooden furniture. You will create a natural and yet inviting and homey atmosphere.
  • If you are thinking about making your kitchen pop, you can pair the color with other bold hue. You don’t always have to mix turquoise with neutral hues. Combine it with coral or orange, and your kitchen will definitely be unique and different.
  • Do you have a black and white theme? Turquoise can provide a great background color. Each will balance each other. Turquoise will like a fresh platform while the black and white will stand out.
  • Do you have a dining area or room that is close to the kitchen? Try very pale turquoise and you will have yourself a soothing and peaceful room.

Those are some of the simplest but effective turquoise kitchen design ideas that you can implement on your house.

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