Small Office Pantry Design: The Creative Ideas

Planning small office pantry design can actually be fun because there are a lot of stylish looks and creative ideas that you can implement for the completely functional kitchen. A kitchen pantry should function properly – it should have storage containers with appealing design. And a completely functioning pantry should be integrated with the kitchen – improving both the function and also design of the kitchen and also the office.

The Most Common Designs

Concealed pantry design
Concealed pantry design

Basically, there are different kinds of small office pantry design. You can choose the classic or modern, or the eclectic and edgy. Whatever your option is, be sure that they are all functional and useful.

  • Concealed pantry. If you have limited space in the kitchen, you should consider a pantry that can blend well behind the wall. You may want to consider a sliding door (which looks like a wall) that slide open to reveal the pantry. It saves up space and you can have a unique design for the pantry. The same design can also be implemented for a pantry with accordion-style door.
  • Compact pantry. When you choose a compact pantry, you don’t need to have a big or wide space. A small countertop with sink should be enough. What about the storage compartments? The cabinets under the sink and countertops will be enough to store your food suppliers or items. In fact, you should be able to have the multifunctional cabinets for your storage needs.
  • Corner unit. What about having a closet pantry? Meaning that your pantry will be installed inside a big cabinet. Having a corner cabinet should be enough to accommodate the overall pantry design, including the sink, countertops, and cabinets. When placed on the corner, it will maximize space. When you open up the doors, you will see the pantry in front of you. It is compact and super attractive.

Organizing the Pantry

pantry design under the stairs
pantry design under the stairs

If you have an unused space under the stairs, and it is pretty close to the plumbing, you can consider having the pantry right there. It may not be the regular or common design but don’t make any space go unused. After all, making use of the available space underneath the stairs can be quite effective and handy. You only need to manage the cabinets and sink and everything can follow suit. Don’t forget that you should also consider the storage compartments. In the end, having some of the small office pantry design can really help to give you decor ideas.


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