Small Kitchen and Laundry Combined Design Ideas

Small kitchen and laundry combined design ideas sound so impressive and full of curiosity. People will be trying their best to figure out what kind of ideas to combine so that they could have a kitchen and then combine it with their laundry. As a matter of fact, having a separated room for the kitchen and laundry is a good idea. You can even arrange each room so well so that you can enjoyably do the cooking and the washing up in different atmosphere and in different tasks. Can you imagine having the kitchen and laundry that are combined into one?

Design Ideas for Small Kitchen and Laundry

Small Kitchen and Laundry Combined Design
Small Kitchen and Laundry Combined Design

Probably it is something new for the people who have gotten used to having separated room for kitchen and laundry. In fact, when the situation does not let you to have those two functions in separated rooms because of the limited space, the small kitchen and laundry combined design ideas will be sought by them to make it comes true. Before considering these ideas to be used at home, you need to see thoroughly from loads of aspects.

Availability of the Open Space

Small Kitchen and Laundry open space
Small Kitchen and Laundry open space

Before combining kitchen and laundry in a single spot, you need to check the availability of the open space. It is very essential as these two works are the crucial one at home. Thus, you need to make it as bright as possible with the presence of the open air to make the atmosphere looks much friendlier. By putting the kitchen and laundry in an open space, you can clearly make orders of which one comes first to finish either you want to finish the cooking or you can cook while waiting for the dryer to finish.

Availability of Storage

The same problem of having small kitchen is the storage issues. The kitchen in small house will not handle enough cooking utensils and cooking equipment, how is it possible to combine kitchen and the laundry at the same time with the limited storage space? Thus another one of the small kitchen and laundry combined design ideas need the proper storage for both kitchen and laundry. The best solution is by using the open shelf. Open shelf enables you to differentiate between the cooking stuff and the laundry equipment. It is because putting them altogether seems too risky to do when you are in a rush and you cannot concentrate. It will be too risky and impractical.


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