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Purple kitchen design ideas for a Daring and Royal Look

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Purple kitchen design ideas for a Daring and Royal Look

Ares June 4, 2018

A kitchen with purple as the dominant color screams elegance and enchantment. It’s an individualistic color that is stimulant of insight and can bring warm or cool atmosphere for interior space especially if you add blue or red tones to the design. Purple brings an effortless elegant touch yet it’s one of the most neglected colors for kitchen design.  Peep our purple kitchen design ideas to get inspired.

What Color to Pair it with?

Purple kitchen design ideas

Purple kitchen design ideas

Since purple is undeniably a bold color, one way to start compiling your Purple kitchen design ideas is by mixing it with another neutral color. This color comes in a wide variety of shades ranging from a light pastel-like lavender to dark Byzantium purple. One way to do this is by painting one wall in purple and leave the rest in ivory. Another good pair for purple is yellow and coffee or beige color. When balanced with gray, a neutral color is subtle and restrained and you’ll get an inherently royal impact out of this combination. For example, Lighter shades mesh impressively with darker grays such as charcoal while darker shades of purple mesh perfectly with light and almost white grey. If you aim for purple finish and texture it will create a striking difference and this also applies to lighter purple hues in glossy textures. Eggplant purples and richer plums go so well with matte textures.

Fixture and Furniture

purple backsplash for kitchen

purple backsplash for kitchen

As for the window treatment, consider purple color textiles. However, if solid purple drapes/curtains turn out to be too imposing and harsh then go for purple printed textiles instead. If you happen to have glass-fronted cabinets with a plum beading and white floor and countertops, then one wall a deep plum shade and three others a dark charcoal gray for a classy modern look. This look will work best if you also have a large bay window. If you want to achieve a sober ambiance with only some purple accents then use gray as your dominant color instead by painting the walls a light ash gray. Then, use gray granite countertops and floors and glass fronted cabinets that have a deep purple beading. Complete the look with purple backsplash as well as chrome appliances

If You Only Want Purple to be a Small Touch

If you only want purple to be a nice additional touch then consider accessories with purple color tone such as purple pendant lights hanging above the countertop or put purple coffee mugs on open shelving. Hanging purple color paintings or artworks on the walls like close up pictures of blackberry, plums, wine bottles or grapes can emphasize the purple color theme sophistically and stylishly. Opt for tall vases filled with artificial/fresh orchid or lavender flowers and place them on top of cabinets or the corner of the shelf. Another safe alternative is bright purple color for chair cushions.

Purple kitchen design ideas are worth considering for you will achieve restful and airy environment in a room that’s often called the heart of the home.




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