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Chef King Outdoor Kitchen Drop-In Grill Island (CK003)
Chef King Outdoor Kitchen Drop-In Grill Island (CK003)

The Chef King Outdoor Kitchen Drop-In Grill Island is a BBQ island that features a large food preparation space which can also be used to serve food after they have been grilled. The large circular countertop tables work for both pre-cooking and post-cooking functions. Before grilling, food can be prepared in these tables. After grilling, food can be set up and served in these countertop tables as well.

The Chef King Outdoor Kitchen Drop-In Grill Island is a perfect match to the outdoor setting with its wooden tabletops and brick grill island body. This island bbq structure exudes simplicity and elegance which attracts everyone who gets to see it. Aside from its perfectly finished exterior, the materials used to build this grill island are tough and can withstand the outdoor environmental condition. Its stainless steel storage cabinets and drawers are resistant to rust and are capable of keeping all of your utensils protected from moisture and dust.

The Chef King Outdoor Kitchen Drop-In Grill Island can be the major improvement in your patio kitchen. Now, grilling has been made easy and in style with the Chef Kind BBQ Island.

"Choose Outdoor Kitchens builds these outdoor kitchens in your local area with a national network of contractors that we use. After the purchase of this island you will be able to further customize the look of this island, and the exterior colors, tiles, etc... Based on what your local contractor has available. Our contractors will communicate with you these details after the sale is made. The price of our islands generally includes the look and feel as shown in this picture, with standard cost tiles for the top of the kitchen, and standard stucco finish for the outside of the kitchen. Any changes in color or type of tile, will not affect our price here, unless it is a major upgrade such as changing the stucco to "brick" in which case there may be surcharges after the sale for such major upgrades from what is shown in the picture here. You can discuss that with the contractor after we connect them with you."

Outdoor Kitchen Order Summary

Chef King Outdoor Kitchen Drop-In Grill Island (CK003)

Retail Price: $11,998.00
Sale Price: $6,999.00
You Save: $4,999.00


For purchases over $1000 a $500 initial production charge is taken at this time. We will contact you shortly after your purchase with billing and financing options for your new outdoor kitchen purchase. Click here for more details. or you can call us directly now and we can process everything over the phone: 1-888-415-4745 (GRILL).

Side Burner:
Storage 1:
Storage 2:
Storage 3:
Storage 4:
Storage 5:
Storage 6:
Accessories 1:
Accessories 2:

Outdoor Kitchen Order Summary
MSRP: $11,998.00
Sale Price: $6,999.00
You Save: $4,999.00

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