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Heatmor Outdoor Built in Furnaces Drop in Furnace
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When it comes to outdoor furnaces, Heatmor is proven and tried as one of the longest lasting, and most durable stainless steel furnaces. Whether you are utilizing the furnace for something small, like your built in pool or spa to keep a constant warm water, or you are using it at for your commercial office, the Heatmor outdoor furances are built to last.

Besides offering different levels for more heating, Heatmor is also dedicated to building furnaces for the future, utilizing wood, corn, pellets, and even used oil.

outdoor kitchen built in furnaces

Residential Models The residential models are a perfect solution for your home needs. Whether you need the furnace to heat your whole home, or just the outdoor living area such as the pool or spa, the 100 CSS model featured here in Gallery Blue/White/White color option is built with a 409 stainless steel design. The 100 CSS has a 8" chimney diameter and can hold up to 85 gallons of water. With Heatmor's lifetime warranty, and strong build quailty you are sure to enjoy this furnace for a long time.

Residential Models Available
Model No.Heating Area (Sq. Ft.)
100 CSS3,000
200 CSS5,000
400 DCSS10,000

Outdoor Kitchen Oil Burning Furnaces

Corn & Pellet Burner Heatmor also offers dual-fuel models, made for a range of 3,000-5,000 square feet the 100CS/CB & 200CSS/CB are both uniquely designed and made to run on both wood, corn, & pellets. This unique furnace features an adjustable air inlet, a removable burn pot for easy cleaning, stainless steel burn pot and agitator, an automatic burn cycle timer, and a low limit control unit / flame sensor. This feature packed furnace is also eco friendly. Burning corn is widely known to release large quantities of heat, while keeping low emission output very low. With this industry first model, you are now able to burn three types of fuel in just one single unit. With agitation built in, the corn is sure to burn thoroughly while limited the amount of clinkers (corn ash by-product).

Dual-Fuel Models Available
Model No.Heating Area (Sq. Ft.)Fuel Sources
100 CSS/CB3,000Wood, Corn & Pellet
200 CSS/CB5,000Wood, Corn & Pellet
200 CSS/OB5,000Wood & Used-Oil
400 DCSS/OB10,000Wood & Used-Oil
Outdoor Kitchen Commercial Burning Furnaces

Commercial Furnaces Heatmor steps up their outdoor residential furnaces, with their commercial furnace line. Featuring a heating range of 18,000 - 25,000 Sq. Ft. these furnaces are sure to keep your large commercial buildings, or multiple buildings warm. Manufactured with commercial in mind, the 600 CSS is made with a 7 Gauge 409 Stainless Steel, making it tough and durable.

Commercial Models Available
Model No.Heating Area (Sq. Ft.)
600 CSS18,000
800 CSS25,000
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