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On the Budget Minimalist Kitchen Design Ideas: Some Alternative Options

Minimalist Kitchen

On the Budget Minimalist Kitchen Design Ideas: Some Alternative Options

Ares November 29, 2017

There are super cool and stylish on the budget minimalist kitchen design ideas that you can try on your own. Having a minimalist kitchen is a classy idea but what if you are rather low on the funds? And what if you have limited space in your kitchen as well? Don’t worry, there are some great combinations of methods and ideas that you can implement on your kitchen project. It doesn’t have to be fancy or expensive. What’s important is that it should be functional.

The Enclosed Design

In the event that you prefer a closed kitchen model instead of the open space design, there are some possible design that you can implement. For a starter, you can have an open enclosure, which means that there is an opening on the wall connecting the kitchen to the living room or dining room. This is the best option if the space is pretty limited and you don’t have a lot of budget to spare.

minimalist Enclosed kitchen Design

minimalist Enclosed kitchen Design

To maximize the space, the space on the wall that is inside the kitchen can be used to install the horizontal shelves or to hang the utensils. If you have big frying pans, the space on the wall will be the ideal option. If you have the ability, you can create your own DIY hanging shelf. But if you can’t, simply make use the empty space and hang everything on the wall. Another alternative for on the budget minimalist kitchen design ideas is to make use of the space on the side cabinets. The side space can be used to hang the utensils, where the smaller ones can be hung on the upper area while the bigger ones hung on the lower area.

The Open Space

If you prefer the open space kitchen design, you can use the furniture or sectional rugs (or mats) for setting the boundaries. For instance, you can have the kitchen island or a bar table to differentiate the area between the kitchen and the other areas. The island or the table acts as the separator between those rooms. If you don’t have the furniture, you can use the rugs with different patterns. It will also set up an invisible boundary. Another alternative is to use the different patterned tiles or floors. But this method should be planned and done from the early building project or installation work.

kitchen bar table

kitchen bar table

In the end, managing the design for minimalist kitchen with limited space doesn’t have to be difficult even when you are on the tight budgets. With these easy systems of on the budget minimalist kitchen design ideas, you should be fine.


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