How to Choose Drawers for Small Minimalist Kitchen

The consideration of how to choose drawers for small minimalist kitchen can give you quite a headache. Having a small kitchen isn’t easy because you need to figure out the layout and the arrangement, and all things related to them. It would be more difficult when you want to transform your kitchen into a functional and yet stylish room. So, what’s with the drawers?

Drawers vs Cabinets: Which One Is More Important?

Drawers for Small Minimalist Kitchen
Drawers for Small Minimalist Kitchen

In the process of how to choose drawers for small minimalist kitchen, you need to decide whether you are focusing on the cabinet or the drawer. As you may realize now, a small kitchen may not be able to contain both. If you think, ‘Well, I can always choose the cabinets because they have drawers” you may want to reconsider your option. Yes, cabinets do have drawers but they aren’t exclusively comprising of drawers – you will find shelves, racks, slots, filing sections, and such thing alike. When you choose drawers, on the other hand, they are coming as….well, drawers. Whether you want to have partitions inside each drawer or you want to have the special arrangement for each of them, the choice is yours.

Drawers are considered better for small, let alone minimalist, kitchen because of the simple mechanism. Cabinets usually come with a tall structure and construction, which can make the kitchen a crowd. Drawers are lacking on those tall structure, making it somewhat more ideal for small kitchen installation. In fact, if you can do it right, you can create a great effect, making the kitchen look roomier and more spacious.

Pull out Mechanism

Pull out Mechanism for Small Kitchen
Pull out Mechanism for Small Kitchen

One of the most important aspects of the kitchen drawer is the pull out mechanism, which is why the drawer is considered ideal. If you going to choose the right drawer for the kitchen, make sure that they have smooth gliding features. Some of the constructions allow you easy removal so you can have a regular oiling – you definitely want to choose products with these features.

How to Choose the Right One?

So, how to choose drawers for small minimalist kitchen?

horizontal drawers for Small Kitchen
horizontal drawers for Small Kitchen
  • First of all, there are different types of drawers – the built in, the wall mounted, the low structure, and even some portable ones. The latter one usually comes with wheels so you can easily move it around. Choosing the different types of drawers depend on your preference and kitchen. Some people may think that the wall mounted is the best one but the low and long drawer is also quite good. If your kitchen is completely small and cramped, you can choose the portable drawer.
  • Choose a matching color. To create a bigger kitchen effect, you can choose light tones for your kitchen. If you can choose the matching hue, the overall effect will be impressive and not cheesy. For instance, if you have fresh pastel green kitchen, having a turquoise or green coral or aquamarine cabinets will be a good idea.
  • Consider custom work. With the custom work, you can have anything you want for the drawer – pull out pantry, horizontal drawer, vertical drawer – you name it.

Talk to other family members about how to choose drawers for small minimalist kitchen so everyone can contribute to the idea.



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