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Grey Kitchen Design Ideas for Timeless Beauty

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Grey Kitchen Design Ideas for Timeless Beauty

Ares December 30, 2017

Grey kitchen design ideas are the timeless design ideas for the kitchen to make its appearance look classic. As beige is considered as the timeless color on the earth, grey can be the second color to follow in the same category of the classic color. This earth color will make the atmosphere to be calm, comfortable, and also cool effortlessly. Believe it or not, grey provides the colors that can either make the main color looks bolder or make it softer. It can turn way based on which you want it to be.

The reason why I love grey kitchen design ideas is that grey can be combined with whatever the color that we like and we can make it follow what our mood be like. As the contrasting color, it gives the energizing vibe while as the complementary color it underlines its calmness. I am going to share some kitchen design ideas that go well with the grey kitchen color.

Choice of Grey Layers

Grey marble Kitchen Design Ideas

Grey marble Kitchen Design Ideas

In order to make the cohesive feel of the kitchen at home, you can make choice of grey layers. For the wall, you can use the dark grey for being the center of attention of the kitchen. For the cabinetry, the softer shade of grey can be good idea. Then you can combine it with the darker marble for the splashback. It is aimed to show the transition of the grey layers smoothly. No need to be worried because the ambiance would be soft, smooth, and also comfortable.

Contrast Color

Grey and purple Kitchen Design Ideas

Grey and purple Kitchen Design Ideas

Sometimes instead of choosing the same color shades of grey, it turns out that choosing the contrast color is going to be beyond expectation. By combining grey wall with the purple kitchen furniture made in custom, the kitchen vibe can balance the kitchen although the color does not show any relation. For adding the texture of the entire kitchen, choosing the exposed brickwork will emphasize the industrial view for your kitchen.

Grey Panel

What else do you need when you have grey kitchen? Of course the kitchen will look dull when you do not choose the panel grey kitchen. Although it shows the traditional kitchen look, it is worth a try because grey panel kitchen builds up good mood and image for the entire kitchen space. If you have picked pale grey, you can consider having purple color to make the contrast look in beautiful way. These are the best grey kitchen design ideas that worth considering.



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