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Green Kitchen Design Ideas: Going Back to Nature

Minimalist Kitchen

Green Kitchen Design Ideas: Going Back to Nature

Ares June 1, 2018

Green color is closely associated with nature. While a green kitchen is not common but if you use this color correctly on every element of the room, you will be able to feel constant freshness every time you step into the kitchen. Just like any other colors, green also comes in a lot of shades such as sage bunch, lime, Granny Smith apple skin, cucumber slice, celery stalk, asparagus spear or jadeite plate. Take a look at our green kitchen design ideas to achieve the best output with this color.


Green Kitchen Design Ideas

Green Kitchen Design Ideas

Relying your green kitchen design ideas on cabinets is a great idea because it’s an easy focal point in any kitchen. Cabinets can easily be the centerpiece of your specific color themed kitchen because of their huge size. Pairing green kitchen cabinetry with white walls and ceiling will work nicely and perfectly. Green cabinets has that eco-friendly feeling to it. Matching lively green cabinetry with dark brown tones for the wall and lighter brown for the flooring is another alternative you can consider. This combination will create a neutral ambiance with contemporary feel so it’s a perfect mix. For a more southern-living feel, balance dark green cabinets with white ceramic tile backsplash and brass for the hardware in the cabinets. Complete the look with glossy finish to make it durable. Olive green is a nice shade for cabinets as well. Make sure they have glass fronts so it won’t look too imposing. Pair the shade with white countertops and black and white marble flooring, and green backsplash with white background.

What Shades?

green pastel island

green pastel island

To achieve a retro vibe, rustic textures should be paired with green pastel island or cabinets. It will create a country farmhouse feel. Light mint green for the cabinets combined with pale stone countertops will result in warm country feeling too. Choosing for sage green for most elements in the room will actually turn out nicely. Paint the walls this shade and this includes for the cupboards and drawers with light brown for the countertops and a little bit of white for open shelving or cutting edge cabinets and some accessories like vases or small appliances.

You can also achieve a sea-themed kitchen with green as the dominant color too. Choose a sea foamy shade for the cabinets and windows and light brown marble countertops. Add some white color to this look with kitchen appliances and complete this trendy appearance that has a feminine feel to it with wooden flooring. Aqua green is another alternative for a beach-like atmosphere. Combine shades like aqua green, soft blue and turquoise and add some white for a vivid look.

Two bold colors like green and yellow can pair quite nicely if you balance it well. Paint the cabinet in parrot green with yellow backsplash and white walls. It’s a simple way to achieve contemporary feel. For a more natural or rustic look with a touch of green, paint the cabinet green while the background, floor and island are oaky brown.

Implementing this color tone is an ideal way to mesh trend and nature. If you want to have a kitchen that denotes earth-friendly, calm and vibrant as well as cool vibe then these green kitchen design ideas are definitely for you.




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