Granite Kitchen Countertops Designs and Price: Knowing the Facts

When we are talking about granite kitchen countertops designs and price, there are a lot of elements to cover. No one can deny the natural beauty of the stone but you also need to know that it is one of the most expensive material to choose when you want to develop the atmosphere in the kitchen. What should you know about the design and price, anyway?

About Granite

One of the biggest advantages of the granite countertops is the fact that it has its own natural appeal and beauty. Granite is super elegant, not to mention that it is also beautiful. It is durable and solid, compromising the pricing factor.

Granite Kitchen Countertops design
Granite Kitchen Countertops design

When we are talking about the color design, you can expect various different hues, such as cream, white, gray, brown, and also green. Not to mention that the granite has its own natural patterns. Some of the patterns and the background colors can be contrasting or matching. For instance, the white granite can have dark gray lines or the gray granite can have white lines. Or green granite can have black lines or even yellowish lines.

When you want to plan granite kitchen countertops designs and price, you need to set the basic tone of the color. For instance, if you choose an elegant kitchen with cream or brown setting, you can choose the brown granite or gray granite. Or if you want to choose a contemporary design, choosing the black granite will be the most ideal option.

The designs are basically various, depending on your creativity and also preference. Some kitchen may come with a contrast design where they use green granite slab for their blue kitchen. It is also possible to choose a unique design and form for the countertop, depending on the style or theme of your kitchen.

The Pricing Factor

Although the overall cost of installing the countertops will depend on the total area, it also depends on the size of the surface section. For a square foot, the cost can range from around $50 to around $100. If you are thinking about getting thicker slab, you will have to spend more than $100.

Granite Kitchen Countertops pricing factor
Granite Kitchen Countertops pricing factor

If you want to save up money, you can buy your granite slabs via wholesaler than buying them at the home improvement store. Another alternative is to choose the laminate floor with granite-look-alike pattern. Now that you already know about granite kitchen countertops designs and price facts, you can make a better decision.


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