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Feng Shui Kitchen Tips: One of the Feng Shui Trinity

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Feng Shui Kitchen Tips: One of the Feng Shui Trinity

Ares December 18, 2017

Feng Shui kitchen tips might be the problem solver of your existing kitchen. Believe it or not, for some people the installment of the kitchen, bathroom, and the bedroom, which are called as the Feng Shui trinity, is very important for luck and also health. Feng Shui consists on how important the placement of the kitchen or the bedroom as we as the bathroom in a floor plan. Unless the home owners live in a house with good Feng Shui, it is believed that they will get bad luck and it will bring impacts for their health too. Here are some kitchen tips in good Feng Shui that is worth a try.

Kitchen positioning in a floor plan

Feng shui Kitchen positioning in a floor plan

Feng shui Kitchen positioning in a floor plan

Feng Shui kitchen tips help you figure out what position of the kitchen that brings good fortune. A good kitchen should not be placed at the front entrance. Thus the kitchen in which people need to pass it when going home or going out is not a kitchen with good Feng Shui. The kitchen should be placed in the middle of the room not in the opposite of the bathroom either. Then the first time you see the kitchen, the center point ought to be the kitchen island and you put a flower vase with good herb.

Deal with colors that bring good luck

Feng shui white Kitchen

Feng shui white Kitchen

Feng Shui kitchen tips also include the choice of color that brings fruitful of luck. Every color has meaning behind it. Thus, the choice of color does not only mean about your personal color that goes with your interior design. For example, if you or your wife enjoys cooking, white is the best color to deal with. It is like a canvas that has new chapter of life. Then, your day will start in a good way. If you choose the black wall, it would be better to combine with white floor. It is because it shows the balancing of yin and yang that can show great energy.

Choice of plates

In the kitchen, dishes are important as other kitchen furniture. however, if you want to look for the plates that show the good Feng Shui, then you can deal with the round shape plates. Round shape means the harmonious flow gives the fresh movement in the kitchen. Thus it can affect the whole vibe of the house. These are the good ways to make your kitchen brings a ot of luck based on Feng Shui kitchen tips.








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