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Beautiful Kitchen Remodeling for Galley Kitchen Ideas

Kitchen Interior Design

Beautiful Kitchen Remodeling for Galley Kitchen Ideas

Ares March 30, 2018

Kitchen remodeling for galley kitchen can be a good way to add some elements to increase the effectiveness and beauty of your already pretty, efficient and practical kitchen space. As you know, galley kitchen is a kitchen model for a narrow space. The layout for a galley kitchen has two parallel countertops and a walkway between them. The triangle work that it carries can sometimes become the reason you want to remodel the kitchen. The arrangement can feel cramped and not that welcoming when there is a guest coming in.

Design Layout Tips for Galley Kitchen Remodeling

If you want to remodel this galley kitchen, you should consider concealing the refrigerator and the dishwasher behind cabinetry panels to give your small spaced kitchen a neat and organized look. You need to watch the counter space as well. You can also remodel the galley kitchen with a few tweaks by adding a kitchen island or peninsula or additional cabinets. When you want to remodel the galley kitchen by adding a kitchen island; you can choose a portable one if you do not want to reconstruct your house. They also come in flexible designs to fit in your kitchen model easily. If you want to add a permanent kitchen island, you can do so. But this addition will cost you more money and the set up is more complicated. This permanent installment is perfect for a large galley kitchen. Kitchen remodeling for galley kitchen often includes a kitchen peninsula addition. Kitchen island addition may be a bit too much for those who have smaller and narrower galley kitchen. You can choose this alternative.

Galley Kitchen Remodeling Ideas

  • Ladny Dom Galley Kitchen
Ladny Dom Galley Kitchen

Ladny Dom Galley Kitchen

This minimalist galley kitchen is very efficient since it puts everything within foot reach. The cute sink is installed at the far end of the room. It keeps the dish washing activity out of the way from food preparation at the other long counter. The cabinets are placed above for storing the cookware and other appliances. On the opposite end, there is a small bar with stools tuck away under the bar, this is where you can eat in kitchen, right away after the food is finished being prepare.

  • Modern Galley Kitchen.
Modern Galley Kitchen.

Modern Galley Kitchen.

You can do kitchen remodeling for galley kitchen with a frameless black lower cabinets and stainless range hood and upper cabinets. Combining it with a soft white walls and the right lightning will complete the modern and fashionable look in your kitchen. It carries the triangle work structure, where the sink, stove, and the refrigerator are equally accessible.

  • Ben Pentreath Galley Kitchen Design
Ben Pentreath Galley Kitchen Design

Ben Pentreath Galley Kitchen Design

Want some contras in color and material? This remodel design by Ben Pentreath can be an inspiration for you. The dark walls around the kitchen combine with white cabinets and brown wooden is a great contras and make your kitchen livelier. The open shelve above keeps the cooking tools and dishes at hand.

When remodeling a galley kitchen, it is better to knowing the space size, capacity, and what you want can create your own unique kitchen remodeling for galley kitchen.


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