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60s Kitchen Design Ideas You’ll Love To

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60s Kitchen Design Ideas You’ll Love To

Ares June 5, 2018

1960 is the age of flower power, pop music and free love. Fun and youthful are two words that perfectly described this era and it applies to the kitchen styles too. Sleek fluid forms and shapes featured most 60s kitchens and the interior was basically intended as an act of rebellion against 50s’ trends. Furthermore, with the advanced of cooking during that era, people began spent less time cooking and attended more social gatherings. If you want to achieve 60s inspired cooking spot, read this article all the way ‘til the end and find fantastic 60s kitchen design ideas to implement.


60s Kitchen

60s Kitchen

In the 60s, colors were such a huge component in interior design especially the kitchen area. People liked to clash colors like saffron, lime green, burnt orange, crisp white, monochromatic black and white and fuchsia pink. One way you can go with clashing colors for your 60s kitchen design idea is by mixing white and orange. Team up white cabinetry and flooring with orange finishing. Then, opt for dark color for the counter tops in order to juxtapose the bright colors. To get a basic idea of how the 60s looks like, the color schemes in that era are oranges, reds, mustard’s, acid green, whites, and monochromatic. These colors were often paired with contrast dark countertops, wallpapers or psychedelic tiles.

60s Main Features

The 60s were predominantly filled with open plan design, multipurpose, plastic, PVC, Vinyl, cane and wicker furniture, science fiction and futuristic inspired and psychedelic, and materials like copper, stone and timber. Basically the 60s were all about groovy appeal and artistic as well as posh expression. If you don’t want to go overboard and only want a simple touch, then a 60s inspired wallpaper will do just fine, you still can opt for contemporary dinette sets and stainless steel appliance yet the whole place still has a strong retro vibe to it. Bold and busy prints wallpapers are the icon of the 60s. Mosaic backsplashes were robust as well.

Furniture and Fixtures

60s Kitchen

60s Kitchen

In the 1960s, cabinets were mostly made from wood material and have rustic elegance in them. However if you’ve already installed one that doesn’t match the aforementioned description you still can achieve 60s look by the 60s color schemes. Moreover, consider tiles, stones and bricks for the wall, the flooring and backsplash. By incorporating these materials, you will create ranch-like atmosphere. You don’t find a lot of metallic materials in this era for interior design, but rather laminate. Laminate countertop edging basically ruled the 60s and one thing you should avoid if you are going for this specific timeframe vibe is 1.5 inch thick countertops. You can opt for a laminate counter with a solid color such as yellow or orange. Flooring with black-and-white pattern should be considered as well. Wood as well as wood tones were the dominant materials used in the 60s especially pine cupboards

One thing to remember when thinking about 60s kitchen design ideas is that this era marked the beginning where people began to see the importance of connecting the kitchen to the next room so open plan design should be taken into account with triangle layout of connected work areas, the sink, refrigerator and stove.





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